Zindagi Muskurane Lagi Novel By Humaira Nosheen

This article is about one best short Urdu stories that is Zindagi Muskurane Lagi novel written by one of the famous Urdu writers of Pakistan Humaira Nosheen.

Humaira Nosheen is one of the most popular social media writers and novelists who is well known for writing Short Urdu Stories with such a uniqueness that it composes an ocean of lessons in those short stories.

And here we are also going to talk about one of the best Urdu short stories that is Zindagi Muskurane Lagi novel that you can also download from the link we have provided below the article.

zindagi muskarane lagi novel

Zindagi Muskurane Lagi Novel By Humaira Nosheen Summary Review:

Zindagi Muskurane Lagi novel is a short Urdu Story that consists of only 4 pages and is easily available here for you to download in pdf.

Before jumping to the story I would like to mention the list of main characters of Zindagi Muskurane Lagi novel:

  • Raheel
  • Hafsa
  • Abubakar
  • Usman
  • Umar
  • Ali
  • Ayesha
  • Zainab
  • Asma
  • Fatima


So basically the story is about Raheel, Hafsa and their sons who are Abubakar, Usman, Umar and Ali. Hafsa always wanted a daughter but instead of having a daughter Allah blessed her with four sons but she always craves a daughter.

To know that if she got her wish granted or not and what was the behavior of her sons with her you have to read the complete story of Zindagi Muskurane Lagi novel by yourself and to download this you have to visit the link below

Zindagi Muskurane Lagi Novel By Humaira Nosheen Review:

The story of Zindagi Muskurane Lagi novel represents a life lesson that if you are not blessed with a daughter but with the son and treat his wife as your daughter then you will never miss a daughter’s love.

Every parent loves their daughter through their hearts, protects her from many hardships and sufferings, but when you started treating someone else’s daughter like your own daughter then this society and every single home in it would find real Peace.

So I recommend you to read this story Zindagi Muskurane Lagi by Humaira Nosheen and to download in pdf just click this link below

And do not forget to share your views about the story in the comment section. You can also download other short stories from our Short Urdu Novels List!

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