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In this Specific article, we are going to talk about another Social media writer, who also has got so much fame at just a young age. You can download all her best Urdu novels from the list we have provided below.

Zeenia Sharjeel is one of the best writers on Facebook. She has a huge fan following on her Facebook page where she used to write and post her novels.

Zeenia Sharjeel novels list is available here in this article. Her novels are very famous among the readers. She is one of the youngest, talented, and emerging novelists of Pakistan, here in this article you can get all of her complete novels in pdf.


We provide you with the Zeenia Sharjeel novels list below this article. Her novels are mostly Romantic Novels. Readers really admire and like her writing style.

Zeenia Sharjeel Novels List pdf:

As we said earlier that Zeenia Sharjeel novels are mostly romantic novels and if you are fond of romantic novels then you must read her novels.

You can download the complete Zeenia Sharjeel novels list. Mostly her novels are love-based stories, she has impressed the readers with her unique writing style.

She posts her novels on Facebook, a social media platform where she has a large number o fans and followers.

Zeenia Sharjeel novels not only read in Pakistan but also in the neighboring countries. But here we will provide you all of her novels that you can download and read online.

To download the novels of Zeenia Sharjeel and other famous Urdu writers visit our site and download the complete novels in pdf.

Zeenia Sharjeel Novels list :

Here is the list of all Zeenia Sharjeel novels that are written by her so far.

This is the list of complete Zeenia Sharjeel novels. If you are facing any problem downloading novels from these links, then click on the other links given below

or simply just refresh the page and then download the novel you want to read.

1. Basilsila-e-Ta Azal novel by Zeenia Sharjeel

Basilsila-e-Ta Azal novel is a romantic love story written by Zeenia Sharjeel in which she wanted to reveal the truth by her unique writing style in this novel, the people who are fond of Urdu novels loved her novels and writing style.

Download link:

Basilsila-e-Ta Azal novel by Zeenia Sharjeel

2. Itni Muhabbat Kro Na by Zeenia Sharjeel

Itni Mohabbat Karo Na Novel by Zeenia Sharjeel is a story filled with love and romance in which she also revealed the fact of society. Through her unique writing style, she beautifully guided the readers.

Itni Muhabbat Kro Na novel is a love story having a romantic touch in it and you would enjoy it while reading this novel. This is one of her best novels and it also has 2 Parts link to both the novels is given below

Download link:

Itni Muhabbat Kro Na by Zeenia Sharjeel

Itni Muhabbat Kro Naa by Zeenia Sharjeel second part 2

3. Gunahgar Complete novel by Zeenia Sharjeel

Gunaghar Novel is a magnificent story that is written by Zeenia Sharjeel. This is also a love-based novel.

In which she tries to teach us a lesson that how to pull through if you fell for someone.

In this Gunaghar novel, she shows that how much life is unpredictable, how we meet the right and the wrong persons, how the grievous and the gratifying moments came in our life.

Download link:

Gunaghar Novel by Zeenia Sharjeel

You are mine novel by Zeenia Sharjeel

You are mine novel is written by Zeenia Sharjeel is and it is one of the famed novels. Zeenia Sharjeel is one of those talented writers who know how to write a flawless story. She wrote a number of quality novels admired loved by the readers and her followers.

↓ Download link:

You are mine novel by Zeenia Sharjeel

4. Sham e Inteqam Novel by Zeenia Sharjeel

Sham Inteqam novel is written by a great and intelligent young novelist and writer Zeenia Sharjeel. It is based on a love story along with that there is a touch of family issues we face in our daily life. She has such a spectacular ability to conduct the facts through he writing style. She has a large number of fans who loved her unique style

↓ Download link:

Sham e Inteqam Novel by Zeenia Sharjeel


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