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In this Blog post we are going to talk about Zavia by Ashfaq Ahmed. Zavia was basically a television Program hosted by Ashfaq Ahmed who is one of the most known Personality of Pakistan.

Ashfaq Ahmed was an Author, play writer and a broadcaster. The role he has played in the field of literature and Broadcasting are unforgotten.

He has also received Sitara E Imtyaz (means star of excellence) and also pride of performance on the behalf of his broadcasting.

Zavia By Ashfaq Ahmed

We have already posted a detailed article about Ashfaq Ahmed and his achievements. You should also read that article. It has pletty of things to teach us about life.

But in this article we will discuss Zavia Book. Wether we talk about Zavia as a book or as TV program there is no difference in between.

Zavia Book Price In Pakistan:

The price of this book Zavia By Ashfaq Ahmed is about 900 PKR in Pakistan, but here from this particular blog you can easily download the complete book Zavia by Ashfaq Ahmed in pdf without spending any of your money. You just have to follow the link given below this article.

Zavia By Ashfaq Ahmed Book Summary:

Zavia By Ashfaq Ahmed was first published in 2015 and it was published by Sang e meel Publishers and this book also consist on 3 Volumes and 155 chapters.

Zavia by Ashfaq Ahmed does not mean that this book Zavia is written by him, as I have already narrated that Zavia was actually a program that was broadcasted on PTV (Pakistan Television).

By this we can feel that how much impact does the Ashfaq Ahmed’s personality has that the every single word he said in that program is written word by word in this Book Zavia.

In short we can say that this book Zavia by Ashfaq Ahmed is a written form Zavia program that was broadcasted on PTV.

Talking about Zavia by Ashfaq Ahmed here I want to let you know that Zavia means an angle but here it is referred to Perspective,  that how someone seeks the life, the hardships by his point of views.

The narrated style of this book Zavia By Ashfaq Ahmed is completely different from other ever written novels and books. As you start reading this book you feel like Ashfaq Ahmed is himself talking to you.

The best thing about this book Zavia by Ashfaq Ahmed is that it teaches you a lot of lessons. You got to learn the things that you have never thought of.

Zavia by Ashfaq Ahmed Quotes:

As I mentioned earlier that this book Zavia By Ashfaq Ahmed is full of life lessons. It guides us at the various stages of life. So here are the some best lines and quotes from the book Zavia By Ashfaq Ahmed

  • Allah kay faislay par kabhi tanqeed na karo, balay hamesha uss kay Hukam ki taqmeel karo.
  • Logun kay marnay say pehlay unn ki hosla afzai kiya karo, Har Shaks aik murda shaks ki tareef kar sakta hai lekin zinda logu ki tareef karne kay liye iss mai himat ki zrurat hoti ha


  • Agr apko zindagi mai lagay kay apko mar jana chahiye tou phir ye socho kaya gr Allah apko yahan tak lay aya hai tou uss nay apko muntahib kiya hai
    Agr Wo chahta hai kay aap zinda rahen tou aap kon hotay hai apni zindagi ka haatma karne wale
  • Apni Khawahishat ko apni zindagi par hukmrani na karne do, Inhe mukhtasar karna sekho kyu kay kam khawahishat kay sath e aap khushgawar zindagi guzar sakte hain
  • Maut ko apni saqafat ka aik hisa bnayen, kabhi na bhulen kay aap bhi aik din mar jayen gay.

So these were some of my favorite lines from the book Zavia by Ashfaq Ahmed. I Strongly suggest you to read this book must once in your life.

I have provided the download link of Zavia by Ashfaq Ahmed from where you can easily download the complete book in pdf free of any cost.

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Zavia by Ashfaq Ahmed complete pdf download

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