Yeh Qasoor Mera Hai Novel By Jiya Abbasi Complete Download

As clear from the title that this article is about Yeh Qasoor Mera Hai Novel written by Jiya Abbasi and the download links of this amazing novel are linked below this article that you can easily download in pdf format. There are also many interesting and entertaining Urdu Short Novels. 

Jiya Abbasi is one of the famous and known novelists of Pakistan. She is famous among the readers for writing solitary unpredictable romantic love stories and this Yeh Qasoor Mera Hai Novel we are talking about is one her these masterpieces.

yeh qasoor mera hai novel by jiya abbas

Yeh Qasoor Mera Hai Novel By Jiya Abbasi Summary:

Yeh Qasoor Mera Hai novel is an amazing short love story, the pdf file that we have given here below this Yeh Qasoor Mera Hai Novel is consists of  136 pages. The story is short but full of suspense and twists that would bind you within the characters.

Talking about the characters of this novel here I would like to mention that each character of this novel is startling that will amaze you after knowing their side of the stories. Here is the list of some of my favorite characters from Yeh Qasoor Mera Hai novel by Jiya Abbasi.

  • Kaif Khan
  • Barera Ahmed
  • Abresh
  • Ahmed Ali
  • Miss Amna
  • Be Jahaan
  • Anaya
  • Narghas
  • Merry
  • Rayyan
  • Adam 
  • Peter
  • Christan

Kaif Khan and Barera Ahmed are the main leading characters of Yeh Qasoor Mera Hai novel. The way the author had described these main leads is totally convincing and full of suspense.

Barera is the daughter of Ahmed Ali who is a successful businessman, but she tragically lost her mother Amna at the time of her birth.

The story of  Amna on the other hand quite shocking and emotional that you would know at the end of the story. Barera always accused her mother before knowing the truth by saying that “I wish I was not her daughter”.

Jiya Abbasi divided this Yeh Qasoor Mera Hai Novel into two parts. The first part of the story is describing the past 5 years of Kaif and Barera. Kaif is a student at University in the United States. The way their love story begins with a fight and misunderstandings about one another is totally unique and outstanding.

While the second part of the story is about the past life of Amna and Ahmed Ali who are the parents of Barera. And if you wanted to know the complete Yeh Qasoor Mera Hai novel you have to read this novel by s=downloading from the links given below. And also share your thoughts about the story in the comment section.

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Yeh Qasoor Mera Hai Novel By Jiya Abbasi PDF Download

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