Ye Dil Ashiqana Novel By Tania Tahir Complete Episodes 1 to 17

In this article, you can find 1 to 17 episodes of your favorite Ye Dil Ashiqana novel written by Tania Tahir. To download these episodes, just follow the links given below the article and visit our Best Urdu Novels List to find more amazing and interesting novels.

Talking about Tania Tahir, she is the emerging young talent on Facebook that is one of the biggest social media platforms where she uses to write and post her best Urdu Novels episode-wise.

Here we have gathered the 1 to 17 episodes of Ye Dil Ashiqana Novel in pdf format that you can easily download from the links we have provided below the article.

We will also provide the complete Ye Dil Ashiqana novel in pdf format when it is completed.

ye dil ashiqana novel by tania tahir

Ye Dil Ashiqana Novel By Tania Tahir Complete Episodes 1 to 17 Summary:

The first episode of Ye Dil Ashiqana novel was posted in July 2021 by Tania Tahir on her Facebook page where she has a large fan following. But here you can download these episodes in pdf format free of any cost.

Now let us introduce you to the amazing characters of this interesting Ye Dil Ashiqana novel, so without wasting your time here is the list of the characters of Ye Dil Ashiqana novel:

  • Fiza
  • Murad Khan
  • Daood Ahmed
  • Saram
  • Isha
  • Mishal
  • Ayna Behram Khan
  • Sargul Behram Khan

Ayna Behram Khan is 20 years old little girl who is pure by heart and romantic by nature who use to say that “love is beautiful and I would love to live in” 

On the other hand, Dawood Ahmed is a rude  handsome man who thinks of himself as cannon fodder and quotes that “love is a stupid thing and I can not do that.” 

You will see the chemistry of Mishal and Sargul Behram Khan and other amazing couples but to know their stories you have to read this superb novel by yourself by downloading its episodes from the links given below.

Ye Dil Ashiqana Novel By Tania Tahir Complete Episodes 1 to 17 PDF Download

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