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Wapsi novel is the writing of one the most famous and admiring novelists and story writers of Pakistan and this wapsi novel is a stack of three of her telefilms “Wapsi, Soda, and Libaas“.

Each story has its different plot the theme of all these three stories is the same that is “the returning“, Now returning from what to where? Well, that depends that how you understand the stories.

Wapsi Novel By Umera Ahmed

And to understand the stories you must read them once. And to read the complete wapsi novel online visit the link below besides that you can also download the complete novel in pdf format for free from the link we have provided below.

Wapsi Novel Summary Review

As we have described that it is a stack of three telefilms, so the first telefilm from this stack is Wapsi that is derived from or you can say depends on an English Novel “Shrine” that is composed by Yasir Shah.

Describing the theme of the Wapsi novel by Umera Ahmed narrates at the very first page of the novel that, ” I am not the fond of studying the Urdu or English literature but this novel was provided to her by Yasir Shah for the Screen Adaptation

She further describes that “I feel no hindrance in saying that despite my flaws this book Shrine has been my most favorite for the past few years.” The purpose of this Wapsi Novel is to aware the readers of issues that were raised in the Shrine novel.

The issues might be the same but the way of presenting the story is interesting and unique beautifully composed by Umera Ahmed in Wapsi novel.

  • Wapsi
    Talking about the first story wapsi, it is 173 pages long and is about three different persons taking desires in their hearts. The main leading characters of the story of wapsi are Noshi, Payel and Majo.Noshi was transgender and her only wish was to meet and see his family he just wanted to be with his family. Here she described the real face of our society that how hard and painful it is for a transgender to survive in this society

    The second character is Payel who was a courtesan and how people like her have to survive and go through in society and her desire was to be treated with respect, she also talked about this issue.

    The third main character of the story is Majo who was a masseuse and his desire was to earn a lot of money and becoming one the most successful persons of the World

  • Soda
    This story of soda from the Wapsi novel is a short story that is 78 pages long and it will surprise you as it is completely different from her usual writing style. While reading this story you can not even guess that Umera Ahmed has written this story, but you will enjoy reading this.
  • Libas
    Libas is the third story of the Wapsi Novel that is 109 pages long and is written on a difficult and very sensitive topic. Why am I using the words difficult and sensitive you will realize by reading it by yourself?

And at the end, I would say that you must read this really amazing Wapsi novel by Umera Ahmed that is available here on this site that you can easily download in pdf for free by clicking this link below. you like All Umera Ahmed Novels List Download And Online Reading.

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Wapsi Novel By Umera Ahmed complete pdf Download

And you can also read online the complete wapsi novel by following this link below but do not forget to share your views about the novel and the stories.

Wapsi Novel ByUmera Ahmed Read Online

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