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Welcome Guys to the Urdu Novels Lovers this blog post is specially organized for you guys who love to read Urdu Novels. In this article, we have provided the best Urdu Novels List of all the famous and best Urdu writers of Pakistan.

The main motive of creating this best Urdu novels list is to provide you guys an organized page from where you can find, read and download your favorite Urdu novels from the Urdu novels list you want to read or download written by your favorite novelist or story writer.

Urdu Novels List

But before we you Jump on the Urdu Novels List I would like to share a piece of interesting information related to the novels before you go to the Urdu novels list.

Who invented the novel?

As you love to read novels so let me ask you a question before you land on the Urdu novels list. Do you know when or who has written the first-ever novel in history? In other words, if I ask who introduced the word Novel to the world?

If you don’t know the answer then let me tell you that the first-ever novel was invented in the 11th century, and the title of the novel is The Tale of Genji and the author of this very first novel is a Lady, named Murasaki Shikibu and she was a Japanese.

First Urdu Novel

Now there is another question I want to ask before providing you Urdu Novels list. Can you tell which is the Urdu novel and who is the writer of this novel?

Before jumping to Urdu Novels List let me give you the answer to this question that I asked, so the first novel that is written in Urdu is Mirat-Ul-Uroos.

The story of this novel is about two Muslim sisters Asghari and Akbari written by Deputy Nazeer Ahmed Dehlvi and this novel published in 1869.

Then later on this Urdu novel is also translated into other languages like Gujarati, Punjabi, and also in the English language.

Now let us go to our main topic that where we have brought the best Urdu novels list for you guys.


Best Urdu Novels List and Pakistani Writers

Now guys let us move toward our today’s article in which we are providing you the best Urdu novels list of all the time of best famous Urdu writers of Pakistan.

Down below, there is the Urdu Novels list of Urdu writers and their best Urdu novels list that you can download and read online from the links we have provided.

Nimra Ahmed Urdu Novels List:

Nimrah Ahmed is Pakistan’s one of the most famous Urdu writers and novelists. Those who are fond of Urdu Novels must have read Namal Novel, Jannat K Pattay novel, and Halim novel.

As these are the most loved and best novels from the Urdu Novels List of Nimra Ahmed. But we have provided some other best novels written by her that you can easily download and read in pdf format.

So here is the best Urdu novels list of Nimra Ahmed, and to download any of these novels just click on the name of the novel, and then you will be redirected to the downloading link from where you can easily download in pdf from the Urdu Novels List provided below.



Umera Ahmed Urdu Novels List

If you are the kind of person who loves to read Urdu Novels then it is impossible that you do not know who Umera Ahmed is. We all know that Umera Ahmed does not need any introduction as she is one of the living icons of Pakistan.

Her novels are read not only in Pakistan but worldwide. Peer e Kamil, Zindagi Gulzar Hai, Aab e Hayat and Alif are here most read and best novels. She is also a drama writer also having awards in her name.

So here is the Urdu novels list of Umera Ahmed that are available here for you to download and read in pdf format, and for that, you just have to click on the name of the novel from the Urdu Novels list given below.



Zeenia Sharjeel Urdu Novels List

We have talked about Nimra Ahmed and Umera Ahmed, their novels are published in the monthly digest but Zeenia Sharjeel is one of the best social media writers who post her novels on her Facebook page episode-wise.

But here we have gathered all of Zeenia Sharjeel Novels complete in pdf format, so down here is the Urdu Novels list of Zeenia Sharjeel that you can easily download:



Areej Shah Urdu Novels List

Areej Shah is another one of the best Social Media novelists and Urdu writers. Her novels are also loved by the readers.

Most of the Zeenia Sharjeel novels are love-based and romantic novels people love her unique writing styles.

And here we have provided an Urdu novels list of Areej Shah for you to download in just one click. You have to follow the links to download these novels in pdf format:



Mehwish Ali Urdu Novels List

Mehwish Ali is our talented and young emerging Urdu writer and one of the best novelists on the Social Media platform where she has a large fan following.

Who eagerly awaits and loves her novels and we have brought the best Urdu Novels list of Mehwish Ali that you can easily download and read in pdf format.


Ashfaq Ahmed Urdu Novels List And Books

Ashfaq Ahmed is the most famous Drama Writer and Novelist and broadcaster. He is known as a legend when you talk Urdu Literature in Pakistan.

Ashfaq Ahmen had also hosted some TV shows on PTV (Pakistan Television) and the name of that show was Zavia.

We have listed below the books and Urdu novels list of Ashfaq Ahmed that you can download in pdf format:


  • Zavia(This book is published in 3 parts Zavia 1, Zavia 2, and Zavia 3)
  • Safar Dar Safar Book
  • Nangay Paun Book
  • Sheher E Arzo Book
  • Changaiz Khan Kay Sunehray Shaheen – Book
  • Ek Muhabat Sau Afsaney 
  • Man Chalay Ka Sauda
  • Hairat Kada
  • Khail Tamasha
  • Khatiya Watiya
  • Subhanay Fasanay
  • Tahli Thalay
  • Gadariya
  • Tota Kahani
  • Aashianay
  • Ek Zakham Aur Sahi
  • Ek He Boli
  • Arz E Musanif
  • Asoodgi
  • Aur Dramay
  • Baba Sahba
  • Band Gali


Forced Marriage Romantic Urdu Novels List

So here is the Urdu Novels list of some of the best forced marriage Urdu novels that you can read and download in pdf from the Urdu novels list down below:

  • Karzal By Anum Sana
  • Yeh Ishq By Hamna Tanveer
  • Ishq Ki Pehli Barish By Samaa Chaudhary
  • Kasak Rahe Gi By Sadia Sheikh
  • Farz Aur Mohabbat By Sajal Ali
  • Mohabbat By Sajal Ali
  • Bisat E Khwab By Wajeeha Bukhari
  • Na Shukri By Zeba Hasan Makhdoom
  • Mein Hara Naseeb Se By Jiya Mughal
  • Qaza E Ishq By Zonisha Rao
  • Chahat By Anabiya Khan
  • Khula By Anabiya Khan
  • Chand Si Baho By Khak E Makkah
  • Tu Sakon E Rooh By Hoorain Khan

Farhat Ishtiaq Urdu Novels List

Farhat Ishtiaq was born in Karachi, Pakistan, on June 23, 1980. Despite the fact that she is regarded as one of the top novelists and screenwriters in the world. But she’s also a professional engineer.

She earned her bachelor’s degree from NED University Of Engineering And Technology, where NED is the short form of Nadirshaw Edulji Dinshaw, the benefactor’s name.

Here is the best Farhat Ishtiaq’s Urdu Novels List:

  • Humsafar in 2008
  • Wo Aik Esa Shajr Hoo
  • Safr Kii Sham
  • Mtaah-e- Jaan Hai Tuu
  • Aap Apnay Dam Mai
  • Wo Joo Qarz Rakhtay Thay
  • Meray Humdam Meray Dost
  • Mosem e Gul
  • Bin Roye Aanso
  • Abhi Kuch Din Lagen Gay
  • Joo Bachay Hain Sang Smait Loo
  • KHushbo Badl Chand Hawa
  • Woh Yaqeen Kaa Naya Safr
  • Janoon Tha Kay Justajoo
  • Dill Say Niklay Hain Joo Lafz
  • Tum Hansti Achi Lagti Hoo
  • Kuch Pagl Pagl si

Sumaira Hameed Best Urdu Novels List

Sumaira Hameed is a writer with a cerebral bent. She has the most diversified personality you’ll ever see, displaying every emotion and writing on whatever topic she chooses.

Her novels are unusual in that they contain only word usage that effortlessly drives you to journey along with the characters within the constructed imaginary locales, and you can’t help but dive deep into the ocean of words she employs to communicate the story.

So here is the Sumaira Hameed’s best Urdu Novels List:

In the end, I would like to say that if you want to read any specific novel that is not uploaded to this Urdu novels list yet, you can simply comment down the name of that novel or simply contact us, and soon we will upload it. it that novel on this site.

And also do not forget to share your reviews about this Urdu Novels List and the novels you have read.

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