Shiddat E Ishq Novel By Areej Shah Pdf Download

Shiddat E Ishq novel is a creation of Areej Shah, a well-known writer among the young generation, you can download or read online this complete Urdu novel by the link given below.

Discussing a story without mentioning its Author would be an injustice. Areej Shah is one of the youngest emerging novelists.

Shiddat E Ishq Novel By Areej Shah

She had a huge fan following, her fans love the way she narrates the story. This is one of her romantic novels. Based on a passionate love story.

Shiddat E Ishq Novel By Areej Shah Characters:

  • Wajdan
  • Lamz
  • Sadaf (Mother of Wajdan)
  • Ahmad Shah (Father of Wajdan)
  • Waniya
  • Malik
  • Murad
  • Ikhbar

Wajdan and Lamz are main leading characters of Shiddat E Ishq Novel By Areej Shah. This novel is story of their unbreakable bond of love.

Sadaf Shah and Ahmed Shah on the other hand arre the parents of Wajdan. Waniya is the younger sister of Wajdan.

Shiddat E Ishq Novel By Areej Shah Story Summary Review

Shiddat e Ishq novel is a romantic love story of two souls Wajdan and Lamz who are madly in love with one another.

Lamz is an innocent girl and also the cousin of Wajdan. She was very young when her parents were killed by Malik for the sake of some property.

Who used to be the friend of Lamz’s father and was also a politician and by then she started living with the parents of Wajdan.

Sadaf and Ahmed Shah treat their niece Lamz like their own daughter. Waniya was their daughter and the sister of Wajdan.

Ahmed Shah the father of Wajdan was also a politician As Lamz started to live with them, Wajdan started having feelings for her.

He loved her passionately and at the eighteenth birthday of Lamz she got married with Wajdan.

As the writer of the novel is Areej Shah so there is suspense, thrill and romance you will get to see in Shiddat E Ishq Novel By Areej Shah.

You can download as well as read online the completa romantic urdu novel by clicking the link given below:

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