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Sheher e Zaat novel and the writer of this novel is Umera Ahmed.

Here I am with the story of another novel by my favorite Urdu novelist Umera Ahmed. She is very famous among Urdu writers.

She started her writing career in 1998 at a very early age in her life. Her beginning stories were published in monthly Urdu digests and then later they appeared out in the form of books.

She has written almost all 16 books, consisting of complete novels and short story compilations.

Sheher e Zaat Novel by Umera Ahmed

Peer e Kamil is one of her most famous novels and it also became her identity. Sheher e Zaat novel (meaning”city of self“) surrounds the beautiful daydreamer who is Falak, the only child of her rich parents.

Falak who is a brilliant student of fine arts interested in making the sculpture of the man of her dreams and she finds that man in Salman’s personality.

The story of this Sheher e Zaat novel is about the awakening of spirituality. In this novel, there is a deep contrast between Ishq e Haqeeqi (love for ALLAH )and Ishq e Majaazi(love for humans).

At the very first this Sheher e Zaat novel was published in Khawateen digest.

Sheher e Zaat Novel Summary

The story of  Sheher e Zaat novel starts as Falak is making herself ready to go to the party, in this party the man of her dreams would also come.

In the first move, Falak goes to him to introduce herself while Salman is uninterested in her.

But later they date each other and they got engaged. Sher Afghan who is the father of Falak wants Salman to join his business.

Salman gets angry by the offer of Sher Afghan and he wants to cut off his engagement with Falak.

But Falak loves him very much and she doesn’t want to lose him so she convinces her father to take back his offer.

Then after 3 years of their engagement, they get married.

One day Falak and Salman go on a trip where they went to a Majzoob who starts talking about kul and zaat.

Salman doesn’t believe him and he ignores him. After three years of their marriage, Salman starts to change.

Falak goes to her friend Maryam for help who tells her that there is a possibility that Salman may be interested in someone else That’s why his behavior with you is changing day by day.

Falak tries to overcome her misconceptions about him. And she starts finding faults in her own self.

After few days she decided to clear her misconceptions with Salman, she goes to him and asks him “do you love anyone else ?”.

Firstly he gets stunned and with a little pause he answers to her yes, “I love someone“.

Falak after the hearing is about to cry as she gets a sudden shock which she never expected.

She doesn’t know how to respond to his saying so she remains silent sometimes because she doesn’t know what to ask him, to ask him how they met?

How did they fall in love? why did they fall in love? why he cheats on her? why he hides her relationship from her? and so on.

She is sitting there with all these questions in her mind. All those sayings of Majzoob are revolving in her head which he said before six months ago.

She comes to know that the girl with whom Salman fell is not pretty at all but rich. Although Falak is so much beauty in contrast to Madiya who is Salman’s choice.

So Falak realizes that beauty doesn’t matter for love even wealth matters allotted and in Allah’s hands, everything is possible.

It is the first time Falak remembering ALLAH Almighty. Then she regrets why she never remembered Allah and she prodded of her beauty and wealth.

After realizing her mistakes in life she starts praying and worshipping Allah and she forgets her wealth and started living a simple life.

After one year Salman left that woman and came back to Falak again at this time she is a very simple decent and innocent girl.

Sheher e Zaat Novel Quotes In Urdu

There are many heart taking quotes written in this Sheher e Zaat novel some are given below:

Allah Ki Mohabbat Ke Siwa, Har Mohabbat  KoZawal Hai. Rab Ki Mohabbat Ke Illawa Duniya Ki Koi Mohabbat Sachi Nahi, Aur Rab Asliyat Dekha Deta Hai.”


Sheher e Zaat Novel Review By Umera Ahmed

I personally really loved and enjoyed the amazing story of this Sheher e Zaat Novel. After reading the story of this novel my heart was about to come out.

Actually, this story of Sheher e Zaat novel gave me goosebumps. The main and impressive thing about this book is its lesson which it gives to us.

Because nowadays people focus on their beauty and wealth and they have forgotten Allah and his power and mercifulness.

His power for converting impossible things into possible. Sheher e Zaat novel teaches us that we should not be proud of our beauty and our wealth.

Because all these things are given by ALLAH so he can also take these things from us so we must be thankful to ALLAH for his giving instead of showing attitude.

So I recommend you to read Sheher e Zaat novel at least one time if you want to solve your mistakes.

To download and read the Sheher e Zaat novel free of any cost you can download it from the link below and read it online.

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Sheher e Zaat Novel pdf Download By Umera Ahmed

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