Safar Dar Safar By Ashfaq Ahmed Complete Novel PDF Download In Urdu

Today we are going to talk about one of the amazing writings of Ashfaq Ahmed that is Safar Dar Safar. Ashfaq Ahmed who does not need any introduction is known as a legend in the present era of Pakistan when it comes to Urdu literature.

Safar Dar Safar

Here you can get an overview of the novel and also the pdf download link of this amazing book is available here down below the article from where you can download it easily without spending any penny.

Safar Dar Safar By Ashfaq Ahmed Summary Review:

Safar Dar Safar is one of the earliest works of Ashfaq Ahmed. This book has 130 pages filled with different incidents, stories, and lessons. Which is actually the quality of Ashfaq Ahmed.

Most people consider this Safar Dar Safar just as a travelogue. A travelogue is basically a story that someone writes the story of his journey while traveling somewhere.

Ashfaq Ahmed also wrote Safar Dar Safar while traveling to Hills with his friends Mufti, Imad, and Azmi, but this is not just a travelogue but the stories full of lessons and self-improvement

He set the trend of writing about Islam and Sufism. In the modern era, Sufism has been a cause for much concern, especially in the Muslim world. In many countries and regions of the world, mosques have been built and large Sufi Muslim communities have emerged, often with their own interpretation of shariah law. In places like Egypt, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore, and others in the Muslim world.

Safar Dar Safar By Ashfaq Ahmed Review:

In this book, Ashfaq Ahmed has also pointed out many social evils that are happening in our society. This book will push you to find the true purpose of life. And to fight against these evils.

I strongly recommend you to must read this Safar Dar Safar and download this just follow this PDF link that we have provided below

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Safar Dar Safar By Ashfaq Ahmed PDF Download

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