Rooh E Yaram Novel by Areej Shah Complete Pdf Download

Rooh e Yaram novel is written by Areej Shah who is one of the youngest novelists of Pakistan.

She posted this novel episode-wise on her Facebook page, like her other novels. This novel directs attention to the evil of smuggling innocent girls and there is also a passionate love story.

This is one of her best creations, admired and loved by her fans and followers. You can download the complete novel at the link given below.

Rooh E Yaram Novel by Areej Shah

Rooh E Yaram Novel Characters:

This magnificent story Rooh e Yaram novel has also very interesting and inspiring characters. the list of the characters of this novel is listed below:

  • Rooh
  • Yaraam
  • Hizar
  • Laila
  • Masooma
  • Sharf
  • Fatima b
  • Mammi (and her 3 sisters)

Rooh and Yaram are the leading characters of the novel having an interesting story you would love to know by reading the novel given below.

Rooh was an innocent girl raised by her stepmother who was very cruel to her. And Yaram is son of Fatima B. He was the leader of one of the Mafias of Dubai.

Fatima B was the mother of Yaram. She married a person by going against her family but ended up being failed by her husband. He was a drug addict.

Not only that he was also a gambler and once he put her wife Fatima B at a stake while gambling and Yaram killed him in order of saving her mother.

Rooh E Yaram Story Summary Review:

Rooh E Yaram novel also points out the evil of our society of smuggling innocent girls for the sake of money and lust.

As the story revolves around Rooh and Yaram. Rooh was raised by her stepmother and she sells her to one of the Sheikh of Dubai by consoling her to a false marriage.

But at Dubai Airport mistakenly she happens to reach Yaram and started considering him the husband. From where their love story begins.

Yaram on the other hand was a don of the biggest mafia in Dubai. He also had a tragic past you found out by reading the novel given below. You can also download the complete novel by clicking the link given below.

Yaram started falling for Rooh. He loved her through all his heart and soul. Yaram and his Mafia punish the guys who used to abuse the innocent girls

Rest of the story you can read from Rooh E Yaram novel and can download from the link given below.

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Rooh E Yaram Novel by Areej Shah Download

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