Nimra Ahmed Biography | All Best Urdu Novels List and Books

In this blog post, we are going to share with you some Information about Nimra Ahmed and the best Urdu Novels list written by her, which you can easily download in pdf free of cost.

As we all know that she is one of the best novelists of Pakistan because of some reason and that reason is her unique writing style. So you can find all her best novels below in this article. 

Nimra Ahmed Biography:

Nimra Ahmed Niazi is officially known as Nimra Ahmed and she is a well-known personality among people having an interest in Urdu literature.

She is recognized as one of the best Novelists in Pakistan, belongs to the Niazi family. Nimra Ahmed started writing at a very young age her first novel was Meray Khawab Meray Jugnoo.

This novel was published in ”Khwateen Digestepisode wise in 2007. She has written plenty of novels in a very short period of time.  After that, she wrote many quality novels that were strongly loved by the readers. 

nimra ahmed novels

Nimra Ahmed also went through criticism but later on with her writing skills she emerged as a quality writer. In just a few years she introduces Urdu literature to the stories which are efficient, dreadful, and forceful to think.

She begins a new trend of struggle and finding the purpose where she presents the different facts and verses of the Holy Quran in a spread form and then finds the answers by relating them to real-life scenarios.

Nimra Ahmed lives in a land of fantasy her novels are usually based on fictional characters and tries to relate them with real-life stories.

The writings of Nimra Ahmed led the readers to the spiritual world encouraging them to realize the purpose of their lives and their moral values.

Nimra Ahmed Novels List:

Talking of her writings, more than 10 novels of her are holding the record of best novels of all the time, some of them are as follows:

  • Halim Novel 
  • Wo Mera Hai 
  • Namal 
  • Mushaf 
  • Mere khawab mere jugnu 
  • iblees 
  • Beli rajputan ki malika 
  • Karakoram ka taj mahal
  • La pta 
  • Apni ungli 
  • Ahmaq tamashai 
  • Pahari ka qaide 
  • Guman 
  • Haad 
  • Jannat ky pattay 
  • Sans sakin thi 
  • Home Girl 
  • Morchaal 
  • Main Anmol 
  • Mehar Un Nisa 
  • Paras 

Best Nimra Ahmed Novels List:

1. Haalim

Haalim is one of the most famous books of Nimra Ahmed. It is a fictional novel full of thrill, action, and adventure. In this novel, there are theories and mysteries this novel also involves time travel based in Malaysia.

This novel revolves around three main characters Talia Muraad, Adam Bin Muhammad, and Fateeh. This book has 2 parts and it is also rich in Malaysian history.

2. Jannat Kay Pattay:

This novel of Nimra Ahmed was published in 2012. The story of this novel fluctuates around the history of Turkey. This novel is basically the story of people who face torments, show patience in pain, solve their own problems by themselves, people who find out the way to get through the hardships with perseverance and courage.

3. Namal

The novel Namal by Nimra Ahmed was published in 2017 which is 1400 to 1500 pages long. This novel represents the political and social scenarios that happen in Pakistan then later on this story relates with the ”Surat e Namal” from the Holy Quran. The story revolves around two families the Kardaar family and the Yousaf family. This book is one of the best books Nimra Ahmed.

4. Mus’haf:

The novel mus’haf by Nimra Ahmed was published in 2011. Totally relating to the Holy Book of Muslims (Holy Quran). This story revolves around an orphan girl and her son who seek the solution of her hardships from the Holy Quran.

5. Iblees:

This novel is full of tragedies and emotions. Nimra Ahmed narrates the story of a girl who started feeling for one of his male teachers because of his great principles of life and his way of teaching. She beautifully describes the artificial behavior of humans the emotions of greed and lust which led the person towards the misguidance. She explains the need for sunnah and following the teachings of Islam for guidance.

6. Pahari ka Qaidi:

This novel differentiates it from the other writings of Nimra Ahmed. It was published in 2015 The story of “Pahari ka qaidi” revolves around a mother and her disabled son she tragically describes the justice system of the country through this novel.

7. Karakoram Ka Taj Mahal:

This novel by Nimra Ahmed was published in 2010. It is a very elegant novel that contains different themes. Especially the hilly sides of Pakistan and the beautiful mountains of Rakaposhi Karakoram. The most liked thing about it is mountaineering. It resembles with fairy tale where the prince arrived to seal his fairy who has been waiting for her whole life. But the end of this novel is somehow tragic due to the death of Irsa Ahmat and others made sadly but that’s ok because it is part of life.

8. Beli Rajpootan ki Malika:

An incredible novel by Nimra Ahmed published in 2011 is full of suspense and thrill. The story is set in the past, before the partition of the subcontinent. The writer magnificently pictured the scenario as if we are looking into the past with our own eyes. An unexpected end turned my feelings for the novel to a different scale.


In the end, you can conclude that all the best Urdu novels written by Nimra Ahmed that you are looking for are available here that you can easily read and download in pdf.


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