Namal Novel by Nimra Ahmed Complete Pdf Download

This article is about Namal novel that is one of the most read and famous Urdu novels and the writer of this amazing novel is none other than Nimra Ahmed.

She is well known for writing such unique and amazing stories full of life lessons that help you out in facing many hardships of life.

And this Namal novel by Nimra Ahmed was published in back 2014 and got so much fame in a very short period of time. Readers loved this novel and praised Nimra Ahmed’s writing skills.

Here you can download the complete Namal Novel by Nimra Ahmed and we have provided some basic information about the novel.

Namal Novel by Nimra Ahmed

Main Namal Novel Characters Names:

  • Hashim Kardar
  • Aurangzeb Kardar
  • Jawarhrat Kardar
  • Aab Dar
  • Alisha
  • Sara
  • Sonya Yousaf
  • Shahreen
  • Zartasha Ghazi
  • Nousherwan
  • Waris Ghazi
  • Ahmar
  • Haneen Yousaf
  • Saadi Yousaf
  • Zumar Yousaf
  • Faris Ghazi

Namal Novel Summary Review:

It represents the political and social scenarios that happen in Pakistan and then later on this story relates with the ”Surah e Namal” from the Holy Quran.

This novel is basically a murder story that revolves around two families the Kardar Family and the Yousaf Family.

While investigating a case a NAB Officer Waris Ghazi got evidence of money laundering sworn by his cousin Hashim.

Where Hashim Kardar is a successful lawyer and a businessman. When he came to know that Waris Ghazi has solid evidence that can destroy his successful business.

Then Hashim killed Waris Ghazi and accused Faris Shah of his murder. Saadi Yousaf is another interesting character who is a scientist who helps in the freedom of Faris Shah.

it is his habit to meditate on Holy Quran, by this character Nimra Ahmed beautifully relates the verse of the Holy Quran to the story.

Zumar is on the other hand is an intelligent member of the Yousaf Family who counters every conspiracy of the Kardar Family.

Hunain is a teenage girl whose day and night is spent on the computer who is also a hacker and a very intelligent member of the family

The best twist of the novel is where Nimra Ahmed also showed the good parts in the bad characters. She presents all the characters as heroes.

This novel encourages us to fight against our own evils, to stay strong in adversity. It also teaches us how to build ourselves again after the bump in life.

Namal Novel Price

The price of this novel is about 1500 rupees but you can download this complete novel free from here the link is given below.

The novel by Nimra Ahmed was published in 2017 which is 1400 to 1500 pages long.

This novel is written in the name of Surah-e-Namal of the Holly Quran.

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Namal Novel by Nimra Ahmed Complete Download

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