Muthi Bhar Mitti Novel By Umera Ahmed Complete PDF Download

This article is going to be one of my favorite articles that is about Muthi Bhar Mitti novel that is one of the best creations of the great Umera Ahmed.

Umera Ahmed who is known for her unique and creative writing skills has written this amazing novel in which you can feel a glance of her love for this special country Pakistan.

Also, we have provided the pdf download link of Muthi Bhar Mitti novel below this article from where you can easily download free of cost.

Muthi Bhar Mitti Novel By Umera Ahmed

Muthi Bhar Mitti Novel By Umera Ahmed Summary:

Muthi Bhar Mitti novel is basically a short story of her book Main Nay Khawabun Ka Shajar Dekha Hai, and this story consists of only 18 pages.

But these 18 pages are full of life lessons and can change your thoughts completely about Pakistan. You will start seeing Pakistan as one f the best countries and homelands in the world.

There is also a short drama that is based on this Muthi Bhar Mitti novel that was released in 2008 on the date of 14 August.

All the characters of this Muthi Bhar Mitti novel have played amazing roles and showed that how much our ancestors have suffered to get this peace of homeland.

Muthi Bhar Mitti Novel By Umera Ahmed Characters:

So here is the list of some of the main characters of Muthi Bhar Mitti Novel:

  • Jammal
  • Mubarak Ali
  • Muzafar
  • Salima
  • Manni
  • Bobby
  • Imran

Jammal is of course the main leading character of this beautiful story who is actually narrating the incidents that he has to face while the partition of Pakistan and India.

Muzafar on the other is the elder brother of Jammal and they both are sons of Mubarak Ali. And to know the rest of the story you have to read this Muthi Bhar Mitti novel on your own.

Muthi Bhar Mitti Novel Review:

This Muthi Bhar Mitti novel is all about the patriotism of the people of Pakistan and the sacrifices that they have made during the partition.

Talking about patriotism I would like to add some words about this epic feeling of love about homeland. Patriotism is often misinterpreted by people as extreme and unbending, a kind of blind patriotism.

Actually, however, patriotism is a great feeling and the instinctive desire for a government to protect its people, which can be expressed in numerous ways by individuals, but also by organizations.

Patriotism is a positive attitude that emphasizes the community values of one’s country or community and the common good of all against the “evil” or “the Other.”

It includes a commitment to your fellow citizens or nation and an awareness of the historical and political uniqueness of one’s own nation.

All these things show us how important is the role of patriotism in Pakistan. Without patriotism, there can be no true peace and security in the country.

Pakistanis, regardless of age, religion or color are very patriotic. They have a strong sense of honor and always adhere to the rules and traditions of the Pakistani culture and tradition.

All these factors point to Pakistanis and Pakistan’s increasing presence as a key player in the global arena.

In the end, I just want to say that you must read this story once, and to download this complete Muthi BHar Mitti novel in pdf format you just have to follow this link below

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Muthi Bhar Mitti Novel By Umera Ahmed PDF Download in Urdu

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