Mohabbat Har Gai Novel By Rabeea Amjad Complete PDF Download

The article is about Mohabbat Har Gai novel” has been written by Urdu female writer Rabia Amjad that you can easily download from the link given below along with that you can also download other amazing Urdu novels from our Urdu Novels List.

Rabeea Amjad is one of the famous short Urdu novelists which are also called Afsana. She has also written many other novels like Uraan, Ajeeb Muhabbat, Dil Ishq Mai and so on.

All these novels are very interesting and full of curiosity. All her novels are very easy to understand for any type of reader. She used simple wording in them.

Mohabbat Har Gai novel


Mohabbat Har Gai Novel By Rabeea Amjad Summary:

Mohabbat Har Gai novel is short story of about 6 pages and it takes about 20minutes to read the whole novel very easily.

The story of this mohabbat har gai novel is about a girl whose name is Aliya is being suffered for a long time in the pain of failure in love. she seems to lost herself somewhere .

After she loses her love she began to live like a person who has no aim in life. She started to live quietly without talking to anyone and without showing interest in anything.

Actually, she lost her interest in everything. She has created her own world where she lives with all her pains and sufferings. And she has no hope left for the things to be settled like she once wanted.

She buried all her wishes. Her friend Afreen is so much worried about her. She asks her about her strange behavior. Afreen wants to see the previous aliya who was very jolly and happy.

She tries many times to ask her about her worries then aliya says that what will happen when the Love of your life leaves u, the person whom you love most and cared about most.

When you fell in love it would impossible to stay away from the person u loved. Aliya says that I will not show disloyalty to him. I will love him forever


Mohabbat Har Gai Novel by Rabeea Amjad Story Review:

This story of Mohabbat Har Gai Novel is very heart-touching it made me cry after reading this. It teaches us that the true lover loses everything for his/her love even he/she would not fear sacrificing his/her life for him.

I also recommend you to read this Mohabbat Har Gai novel. To download the novel click the link below.

Mohabbat Har Gai Novel Complete PDF Download

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