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Clearly, in this article, we are discussingĀ  Mera Mehram NovelĀ written by Sehar Usama. You can also download this complete novel from the pdf links given below this article. We have also published some other exciting Urdu Novels written by the most famous writers of Pakistan by simply visiting our best Urdu Novels List.

Sehar Usama is one of the well-known writers of Pakistan who made their name in the world of Urdu novels. She has written many famous novels like Hud Hud and Teray Jesa Yaar Kahan that are loved by the readers. She uses to post her novels in a monthly digest in episodes.

But here we have brought Mera Mehram Novel, another masterpiece of Sehar Usama that is easily available here for you to download from the links given below this article.

mera mehram novel by sehar usama

Mera Mehram Novel By Sehar Usama Summary Review:

Before heading towards the download links of this Mera Mehram novel let us get through the overview of this amazing story. This Mera Mehram novel is one of my personal favorite novels because the story that Sehar Usama has written in this novel has conveyed many life lessons.

Sehar Usama beautifully tries to connect the person to Allah Almighty. She described the power of faith and prayer, that with a firm belief you can achieve anything in life. The story also gives a lesson that without knowing the complete story we should not put allegations on any person.

The characters of this Mera Mehram Novel are really inspiring and amazing that I would like to share with you guys. So here is the list of some of my personal favorite characters.

  • Momal Abbas
  • Afnan Mustafa
  • Asma Begham
  • Abbas Ibrahim
  • Ibrahim
  • Azeza Begham
  • Irtaza Abbas
  • Atba
  • Aabr
  • Arsal
  • Tabi
  • Adan
  • Mirha

Momal Abbas is the main iconic character of this Mera Mehram novel that I loved the most in the whole story. She is a sweet innocent and kindhearted girl.

Irtaza Mustafa on the other hand is used to be a playboy who flirts with every girl and was far away from Islam he tries to use the girls for his own mean.

But the question is how he met Momal and how his life got changed and to know this story you have to read Mera Mehram Novel by Sehar Usama by downloading it from the links given just below. And also share your views about the story with us in the comment section down below.

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Mera Mehram Novel By Sehar Usama PDF Download

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