Mehr Un Nisa Novel By Nimra Ahmed Complete PDF Download in Urdu

In this article we are going to talk about the Mehr Un Nisa novel written by NImra Ahmed and also we have provided the download link of the Mehr Un Nisa novel from where you can easily download it for free in pdf format.

Nimra Ahmed is known as one of the best Urdu writers and this novel is one of her best stories. You will witness a beautiful love story and the importance of having a family who loves and support you in any situation.

Mehr Un Nisa Novel By Nimra Ahmed

Meh Un Nisa Novel Summary Review:

This Mehr Un Nisa novel by Nimra Ahmed was published in a monthly digest it is a short story that is only 34 pages long but you will enjoy reading this story.

Before we jump to the summary and the review of the Mehr Un Nisa novel let me introduce you to some of the main characters of this amazing novel.

Mehr Un Nisa Novel by Nimra Ahmed Characters List:

So guys here is the list of some of the leading characters of this amazing Mehr Un Nisa novel:

  • Mehr Un Nisa (Momo)
  • Haider
  • Soniya
  • Hassaan
  • Raza
  • Amna

These are the main characters of this novel and each character plays a unique role in the story, that also teach us so many lessons to imply on our daily life.

Mehr Un Nisa Novel By Nimra Ahmed Summary:

Now moving towards the summary of Mehr Un Nisa novel. The whole story revolves around Mehr Un Nisa who is also known as Momo. Many tragedies happen in life but facing all that hardships she finds the love of her life.

Haider and Soniya on the other hand are the parents of Mehr Un Nisa and tragically her mother Soniya dies just after giving birth to her. Hassaan is also one of the main characters of the novel who is the cousin as well as the best friend of Haider.

Amna is playing the role of the best friend of Mehr Un Nisa in this story. And to know about Raza you have to read this novel I am leaving it to you guys.

Mehr Un Nisa Novel Review:

Moving forward towards the review of this Mehr Un Nisa novel I would like to mention that this epic story is full of emotions, tragedies, and love.

You must read this novel I am pretty sure that you would this amazing story of Mehr Un Nisa written by Nimra Ahmed. And to download this complete novel in pdf format just click this link given below;

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Mehr Un Nisa Novel Complete PDF Download

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