Meeral Novel By Noor Fatima Complete Episodes 1 to 20

This article is about Meeral novel written by one of the talented novelists Noor Fatima and you can also download complete 1 to 20 episodes of this novel from the links given below the article. To download other amazing Urdu novels follow our Best Urdu Novels List.

As we all know that Sidra Sheikh has a huge fan following who really appreciate and admire her talent of writing unique and amazing stories that went straight into the heart.

We will also upload this complete Meeral novel when once it is completed and to download these complete episodes just click the link given below.

meeral novel by noor fatima


Meeral Novel By Noor Fatima Complete Episodes 1 to 20 Summary:

Meeral novel is one of the best creations of Noor Fatima. The pdf file of this novel is 217 pages long and the size s almost of 2mb that would consume more storage.

The main thing that makes this Meeral novel interesting is its amazing characters that I would like to introduce to you guys so here is the list of my personal favorite characters of this Meeral novel:

  • Be Jaan
  • Meeral
  • Anaaya
  • Rehaan
  • Hamdaan
  • Ayni
  • Ayan
  • Naheed Begham
  • Zara
  • Nabeel
  • Maayer
  • Zahid
  • Haajra Begham
  • Rimsha
  • Mena Kumaari (Maheen)

The name of this Meeral novel is clearly based on its most interesting character Meeral who lost her mother when she was only four years old and then she started living with her grandmother Be Jaan who loves her more than anything.

Rehaan, on the other hand, is the cousin of Meeral and she secretly loves him but Maayer is the one who wanted to marry Meeral. In this story, you will also see a love triangle but to know their complete story you have to read this novel on your own.

Rimsha is another interesting and amazing character of this novel who became a close friend of Meeral, and here I would like to mention that they both meet very tragically.

Maheen is the maid of Meeral and Be Jaan but due to her dramatic nature, they use to call her Meena Kumari. Hamdaan is the father of Meeral.

To know the rest of the story of this Meeral novel you have to read this complete novel by downloading it from the links we have provided and also do not forget to share your views about these 20 episodes in the comment section down below.

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Meeral Novel By Fatima Noor Complete Episodes 1 to 20

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