Man Chalay Ka Sauda By Ashfaq Ahmed Complete Urdu Book PDF Download

In this article, we will discuss Man Chalay Ka Sauda one of the best books written by Ashfaq Ahmed consists of about 318 pages and is extremely loved by the readers. And also we have provided the download link of this book down below the article.

Ashfaq Ahmed is one of the best writers of his era and does not need any introduction. Man Chalay Ka Sauda written by Ashfaq Ahmed’s pen is a magnificent book and a drama serial as well.

Man Chalay Ka Sauda

Man Chalay Ka Sauda By Ashfaq Ahmed Book Price:

You can buy this outstanding book online for about 1000 rupees but here we have provided this book free of cost that you can download in pdf format from the link below.

Man Chalay Ka Sauda Meaning In English:

Man Chalay Ka Sauda meaning in English is “Deal of A Sinus”. This book is of the masterpieces of Urdu literature that you must read in your life.

Man Chalay Ka Sauda Full Drama

Man Chalay Ka Sauda got so much fame among the readers that a drama serial also being cast by the producers and the release date of this drama is 1st of January 1990. The complete drama is available on youtube that you can watch easily.

Man Chalay Ka Sauda drama has a total of 13 episodes and each episode is amazing and inspiring full of life lessons and spiritualism.

Man Chalay Ka Sauda Book Summary:

Man Chalay Ka Sauda is written on Tasuuf aka Sufism and spiritualism that connect us to our religion. The main character of this book is Irshad. Who used to be a successful industrialist and a businessman who has no shortage of respect wealth and power.

His age was about 35 to 40 years when he started his journey to find the true purpose of life and finding a way to ALLAH Almighty. And he decided to leave this wealthy lifestyle and became a Sufi.

Now the question is that what makes him leave wealthy life and take the path of spiritualism? For this, you have to watch this drama serial or read this book by Ashfaq Ahmed by downloading it from the link we have provided below.

Man Chalay Ka Sauda Darma Cast And Characters:

As we have mentioned that Man Chalay Ka Sauda is not only a book but also a drama serial that was performed by talented actors so here is the list of the cast members who play the characters of the book magnificently.

  • Khayam Sarhadi
  • Tahira Saleem
  • Inaam Khan
  • Qavi Khan
  • Rehana Siddiqui
  • Khursheed Shaukat
  • Ismat Tahira
  • Arifa Siddiqui
  • Ajab Gul
  • Mehran Qavi
  • Khalid Butt
  • Firdous Jamal
  • Rashid Mehmood
  • Nasreen Qureshi
  • Jamil Fakhri

This book is not just an ordinary book. It gives you a thought of rebuilding and re-finding your true self and the real purpose of your life on this earth.

Man Chalay Ka Sauda By Ashfaq Ahmed Review:

This Book Man Chalay Ka Sauda is one of the important books of my life. This book represents a journey from being wealthy and successful (by means of materialism) to be Sufi.

The best thing about this book is that it removes all of your depression and motivates you to recognize your flaws and then correct them. It gives you a lot of life lessons that you must follow in life to find a way towards Allah.

I strongly recommend you to read this book or watch the complete drama serial. The pdf download link of Man Chalay Ka Sauda is available here down this article from where you can easily download it and read it.

Man Chalay Ka Sauda By Ashfaq Ahmed Quotes:

This book is full of amazing, inspiring, and life-changing quotes beautifully narrated by Ashfaq Ahmed and I would like to share some of my favorite quotes from Man Chalay Ka Sauda.

Khauf Insan Ka Sab say Bara Dushman Hai

Muhabbat Kisi Ke Liye Apni Jaan Qurban Karna Nahi Hai, Kyu Ke Ye Jann Tou Allah Ki Imanat Hai Hmaray Paas. Muhabbat Tou Kisi Ki Raza Aur Khushi Ke liye Apni Khushi Qurban Karnay Ka Naam Hai”

In the end, I just want to say that you must read this book and also do not forget to share your views about this book in the comment section down below.

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Man Chalay Ka Sauda By Ashfaq Ahmed Complete PDF Download

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