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Lahasil novel is written by Umera Ahmed that was published in 2011 that is about 330 pages long and you can easily download the complete novel from the link that we have provided below the article.

lahasil novel by umera ahmed

Lahasil Novel By Umera Ahmed In English:

This Lahasil novel of Umera Ahmed is also translated in English named Hollow Pursuits.

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But first, we are going to share with you an overview of this amazing and interesting novel that is full of moral lessons and spiritual values composed by none other than Umera Ahmed

Umera Ahmed is not only one of the best novelists of Pakistan, but she is also known as one of the best drama writers. Many dramas are based on the books that she has written in her carrier.

And this Lahasil novel is the book that added to her popularity and the love of the readers for Umera Ahmed.

Lahasil Novel By Umera Ahmed Characters

Here is the list of the some of the main characters of this Lahasil Novel

  • Katherine
  • Mazher
  • Umm E Maryam
  • Zalaed
  • Sofia
  • Nuzaht
  • Asim
  • Aiza

Katherine, Mazher, Umm E Maryam, Zalaed and Zalaed are the main leading characters of the Lahasil novel, the story of the book revolves around these characters and each character has some lessons for you to learn.

Lahasil Novel by Umera Ahmed Summary Review

  • In this Lahasil novel, Umera Ahmed portrait two stories that were playing side by side and the way she she wrote and relate these stories with one another so accurately. The connection is deep that you will left astonished.
  • So the first story is basically a love story of Mazher and Katherine in the UK. And the second story is portrayed in Lahore that is the love story of Zalaed and Maryam.
  • Talking about the story of Mazher and Katherine, here Mazher belongs to Pakistan and he was also a practicing Muslim who used to live in London and Katherine was also born and raised in London. They both have been in love and have mutual understanding such that Katherine accepted the Islam and changed her name to Khadija Noor, after that they got married.
  • After some time they are blessed with a child but as the story begins due to some unfortunate incident they decided to get divorce and Mazher took his son to Pakistan along with him.
  • On the other hand, Maryam and Zalaed both are students of arts, where Maryam belongs to a poor family and was an ungrateful girl. Zalaed became a successful businessman and he also got married to Maryam.
  • As Maryam was a materialistic girl where Zalaed has a pure heart and a grateful person. They both use to have clashes with each other and the story also about their understanding issues.
  • Maryam was the daughter of Khadija Noor and her behavior with her mother was also harsh but Zalaed was so polite and kind to her mother and she also treated Zalaed like he is her own son and this thing haunt Maryam that why he is so kind to her mother.

And to know the true relation of Zalaed and Khadija Noor you must find it out by yourself by reading the complete story that we have provided in pdf form that you can easily download by clicking the link below.

Lahasil Novel By Umera Ahmed Review

Both the stories of Lahasil novel have great lessons to learn for the readers. The story of Maryam and Zalaed will give you a lesson about materialism. It will tell you that even if you have achieved your materialistic goals, it is not necessary that it would provide you peace or relief.

On the way of achieving that materialistic success you not only loose your peace of mind but also your loved once and its been too late when you realized that you lost diamonds in search of pebbles.

The second story that impressed me the most is the story of Mazher and Katherine(Khadija Noor). This story Lahasil novel made us realize that sometimes how wrong we are proved in judging someone.

The character of Katherine i.e Khadija Noor will teach you a lesson that how patience, strong will and strong faith in Allah Almighty help you in your journey.

In the end, I would strongly recommend you to must read this Lahasil novel by Umera Ahmed. It really has an amazing story and you would love the book and it would encourage you to read more Urdu literature like this.

Before finishing up this article of Lahasil novel i would like to share with you some of its beautiful quotes by Umera Ahmed

Lahasil Novel By Umera Ahmed Quotes

Here are the few quotes that i loved from this amazing Lahasil Novel by Umera Ahmed

  • Behtreen zindaghi jene keliye ye tasleem krna parta hai kay sab ko sab kuch nahi mil sakta


  • Jo log dosru kay dilu ko kaantu say zakhmi karte hain, unke apnay ander kiker ugay hotay hain, wo chahen, na chahen, unke wajood ko kanta he banana hota hai wo phool nahi ban saktay.


  • So to download this amazing and interesting novel just click the link below and save the complete Lahasil novel by Umera Ahmed on your device without any cost.


Lahasil novel by Umera Ahmed Pdf download


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