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Kankar novel is a book composed by the writer Umera Ahmed who is one of the most-read writers of Pakistan. This Kankar novel was published in 2013 in Khawateen Digest. This book has basically two different stories Kankar and Ghar Aur Ghata.

These two novelettes are two different short stories having different lessons for us to learn and imply in our daily lives. And you can download the complete Kankar novel from the link given below.

Umera Ahmed, who has written a number of novels that turn into dramas, this Kankar novel is also one of them. Kankar drama was based on the story of Kankar novel that is also published in 2013.

Ghar Aur Ghata Novel By Umera Ahmed Summary Review

Ghar Aur Ghata novel is a short story from the novel Kankar written by Umera Ahmed that was published in the monthly digest. You do not separately need to download this Ghar Aur Ghata novelette as it is already in the Kankar novel and link is given below from where you can easily download this complete novel along with GharAurGhata by Umera Ahmed

The story of Ghar Aur Ghata novel is about the love of the parents for their children and about the sacrifices they made to bring comfort and ease in the life of their children and their family.

The story of Ghar Aur Ghata novel also reveals the sad reality of today’s generation that how some people are so ungrateful for the love of their family and the parents and how easily sometimes they deny their efforts and love.

Kankar Novel By Umera Ahmed

Today I’m going to tell you about one of the famous novels of Umera Ahmed which is “Kankar novel” based on domestic violence. Like other novels, Umera Ahmed has won the heart of her fans once again. This Kankar novel also got the same fame as other novels of Umera Ahmed.

Kankar Novel is a combination of two stories “Kankar” and “ghar aur ghata. Umerah Ahmed has also written amazing novels like “Zindagi Gulzar hai” and “darbar e dil” etc. Kankar novel is based upon the story of women of the society and the pains which they are suffering but they didn’t tell anyone.

The main focus of Kankar novel is to highlight the pains and suffering of the women of our society. In this book, the writer tells us about the physical abuses that often carried a woman in silence. A drama is also made on the story of this novel but there are some Changes the producer took place.

Kankar Novel Story

This is the story of two lovebirds Sara and Haidar they love and want to marry each other. The mother of Haider who is “Nadeema” doesn’t want them to marry and she doesn’t want Sara to make her family member. In this way, she grows hatred in her son and daughter’s minds for Sara.

The main reason for such hate is because Sara is an Orphan girl and she doesn’t have any property to bring with her as dowry for her mother-in-law after her marriage with Nadeema’s son Haider so that’s why Nadeema doesn’t like Sara as she is not rich.

Such poverty of an innocent girl grows negative sentiments in the heart of Nadeema. However, Haider truly loves Sara with his heart and promises to be with her, and gives her all the happiness of the world. but after marriage Haider’s behavior with Sara got changed because of his mother and sisters.

And he started to abuse her and beat her without any reason .when Sara was fed up with all these sufferings she decided to take separation from Haider. This marriage then broke with the blunders of Haider as he never realized them. After their divorce Haider remarry with another woman and also Sara got married to another guy.

Then after a few histories repeats themselves one day Haider’s son starts arguing with her wife and he beats her very badly. Then Haider realizes the misdeeds he did in the past with Sara But it was too late for the realization.

Kankar Drama By Umera Ahmed

As we all know that many of Umera Ahmed’s novels took the shape of dramas, liked and inspired by both the readers and the viewers, and this Kankar novel is one of those novels on which the kankar drama is based that was published in 2013.

The story of the drama is almost the same i.e the story of Kankar novel but there is a change in the characters with respect to the book.

In the drama serial, Kankar Sikandar and Kiran are playing the characters of Haider and Sara respectively. Where Kiran also has parents in the drama where she was an orphan in the novel.

The novel mainly focused on the two characters Sikander and Kiran (i.e Haider and Sara) but the drama also focused on the relating characters of the leading characters.

Arzoo on the other hand who is playing the role of Zareen (from the novel) has no blood relation with Sikander and Kiran but in the drama serial, she is a cousin of both Sikander and Kiran.

Kankar Novel Review

Two days ago I finished reading this novel. This is a very realistic novel that must be read once. As it is based on domestic violence so I also suggest to all of you to read this novel if you want to know about what things happen with women in our society.

And we must take action against all these happenings. And we must give women their rights so they can live happily in their lives like others. And to download this complete Kankar novel just click this link below.

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Kankar Novel By Umera Ahmed Complete pdf Download


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