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Jannat K Pattay novel is written by Nimra Ahmed and published in 2012 in a monthly digest. She is known as one of the best and most famous writers and novelists. 

Jannat K Pattay Novel By Nimra Ahmed Price In Pakistan:

The Price of Jannat k Pattay novel is 990 PKR if you want to make an online order from Daraz.pk, as this novel is one of the most famous Urdu Novels loved and admired by the readers.

But here we are providing you this complete Romantic Urdu novel for free of any cost that you can easily download in pdf format, you can also read online this Jannat K Pattay novel. The link is given below the article

Jannat K Pattay Novel By Nimra Ahmed Characters Names:

As we mentioned earlier that this is one of the most famous Urdu Novels and the reason for it is its unique and amazing characters. Here is the list of characters name of  Jannat K Pattay novel :

  • Haya Suleman
  • Jahan Sikandar
  • Mr. Suleman
  • Rohail
  • Major Ahmed 
  • Waleed
  • Dolly
  • Pinky
  • Ayesha Gul
  • Baharey Gul

Haya Suleman and Jahan Sikandar are the two main leading characters of Jannat K Pattay novel. Haya used to be a modern and liberal girl at first but her life changes completely as the story further proceeds.

Jahan Sikandar, our second leading character has an arrogant nature and he was also a successful businessman. This character is loved most by the readers.

Dolly and Pinky on the other hand are the best friends of Haya. Waleed is an evil character in the story. While Major Ahmed worked in a secret agency of cybercrime. 

Jannat K Pattay Novel By Nimra Ahmed Summary Review:

This ”Jannat K Pattay Novel” is written by Nimra Ahmed on the background of turkey and was published in 2012.

Haya Sulman and Jahan Sikandar are the two main characters of this Jannat K Pattay Novel. Haya is a modern and independent girl completing her LLB in ”Shariyat and Law” from the Islamic University of Islamabad.

In the meantime, she came to know that under an EU exchange program she spend her last semester at the Sabanci University of Turkey.

She was happy to receive the scholarship because in turkey she happens to meet her cousin Jahan Sikandar with whom she had been married since childhood.

But for some reason, her family is thinking of the separation of both. On the other hand, he is an Officer in PAK Army.

At first, he tries to stop her from coming to turkey but later on when she reached turkey he introduced himself as three different personalities.

From where many strange and sensational incidents begin to appear with Haya. The turning point of the story came when she is being kidnaped and smuggled from Istanbul.

And somehow Jahan rescued her and sent her to Princess Island where she happens to meet two other characters Ayesha Gul and Bahar e Gul.

Where for the first time she gets a chance to think a lot about her life and she decided to do Hijab and Nikab.

At this point, in Jannat K Pattay novel, Nimra Ahmed again beautifully relates the Holy Quran with reality to give a message of the purpose of life.

Jannat K Pattay Novel By Nimra Ahmed Review:

This Jannat K Pattay novel is basically the story of people who face torments and show patience in pain, solve their own problems by themselves, people who find out the way to get through the hardships with perseverance and courage.

Today I’m going to give a review on the famous book of Nimra AhmedJannat k Pattay“. I’m really impressed by this Jannat K Pattay Novel. I would like to give 99% out of 100% to this book.

Jannat K Pattay novel is full of curiosity, spirituality, love, and enthusiasm. Nimra Ahmed said that this is the story of people in pain, people who make a struggle, people who suffer, a story of who walked on spikes to become pearls.

The story of people who solve their problems on their own, and the story of people who don’t show the advertisement of their troubles to anyone.

Jannat K Pattay novel is based on Islamic principles. Nimra is capable to be appreciated by the audience because she pictured everything in this book so beautifully that another can not do this in the way she did.

She beautifully described Turkish culture, their customs, Turkish people and especially historical places are really impressive.

In Istanbul Sultan Ahmed or blue mosque and from Topkapi Palace to Bosphorus and waters of Marmara and Istiklal street, princess Island and hot air balloons all these are pictured in a way that forces u to go and visit Turkey.

I really enjoyed while reading this Jannat K Pattay novel because a few years ago I visited Turkey so it’s very easy for me to visualize these places and things while reading this book.

However, there are many other things that are described in this novel. If we show power and strength like the characters of this novel we can do the one work in our life to put our name on the list of pioneers.

So we would be able to inspire others around us. I also want to suggest u read this amazing novel. U would also like this novel as I did. To download this novel follow the link below

Thank You.

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Jannat K Pattay Novel By Nimra Ahmed Download

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