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Gadariya by Ashfaq Ahmed is one of his masterpieces. He is one of the top writers of History. He is not famous in Pakistan only but also in India.

People als call him Baba Ashfaq with love. He has written plenty of dramas for PTV in the time when it was the only source of entertainment in Pakistan You can download the complete book from the link given beloTV.

Gadariya by Ashfaq Ahmed

Gadariya by Ashfaq Ahmed | The Shepherd by Ashfaq Ahmed Story Summary:

This book Gadariya by Ashfaq Ahmed is one of his masterpieces and most admireable books among people

This book is basically a stack of 9 different short stories like Gadariya, Tenka, Nukta, Ujlay Phool, Haqeqat Nawesh, Barkha.

  • Gadariya is no doubt is Wonderful fiction story among all other stories in the book. Munshi Charat Raam aka Daau G is the main character of the story.Dau G was basically a Hindu who was a Shepherd in his teenage. Because of his love for Knowledge and learning, he became Munshi Charat Ram from chantu.And this love for knowledge and learning of Daau G brought him closer to Islam. While still being a Pandit he is a lover of Islam which makes him a wonderful character of the story.He Loved the Arabic and Persian languages. He also remembered the names of all 30 Paray of the Holy Quran along with their meanings.He is willing to act upon the teachings and followings of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم. He also remembered the Qalma of Islam.

    But under social pressure and way of living, he is forced to be a full-fledged Hindu.

  • Nukta from the book is another interesting story of a man who has to go through the vetting to earn his true Love
    But tragically he lost his life while proving himself worth for his love.
  • Haqeqat Nawesh is another great fiction story from the book. This a story of a loyal man who has to wander all his life for the superstition of infidelity for the good of life.
  • Toshe Ballay is one of the inspiring stories from the book. This is the story of a girl having a hollow lap but filled with the passion of Mamta.

This book is filled with many other amazing short stories that you must read. Every story is inspiring in its own way.

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Gadariya by Ashfaq Ahmed Complete Download Free Pdf:

You can download the complete book Gadariya by clicking the link given below

Gadariya by Ashfaq Ahmed Download

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