Forced Marriage Urdu Novels List 2021 – Complete PDF Free Download

In this article we ha brought the forced marriage Urdu novels list of different famous writers of Pakistan that you can easily download from the list we have listed below.

But before we jump to the Forced Marriage Urdu Novels list I want to discuss this specific issue that our generation is facing these days then we will continue to our forced marriage novels list.

forced marriage novels list

Forced marriage in Pakistan is a very common phenomenon in rural areas. It is a serious violation of human rights and especially of women who are married against their will and consent.

And the list of forced marriage Urdu novels we have listed below is exactly pointing out the same issue many writers have written on this issue.

Some young girls in rural areas in Pakistan have been brought over from China and married to much older men, without even their knowledge of the real culture they are brought into.

These young Chinese girls are brought over as domestic help and are often forced to live with them. These girls do not have any other option but to live with these strange men, who beat and abuse them.

Forced marriage Urdu novels list in Pakistan have become very common nowadays, but the government and people involved just do not care much about it. They just try to ignore it, so that when the situation gets serious, they can make laws in force against it.

There are many problems and dangers associated with forced marriage in Pakistan. The main danger of it is that a girl might be taken away from her family and put in a completely new home, away from her family, and this can cause great problems for her, emotionally and physically.

Forced marriage in Pakistan can also lead to physical and mental abuse at later stages in life if the girl is married at an early age.

So here is the Urdu Novels list of some of the best-forced marriage Urdu novels that you can read and download in pdf from the Urdu novels list down below:

Forced Marriage Urdu Novels List:

  • Karzal By Anum Sana
  • Yeh Ishq By Hamna Tanveer
  • Ishq Ki Pehli Barish By Samaa Chaudhary
  • Kasak Rahe Gi By This Sadia Sheikh
  • Farz Aur Mohabbat By Sajal Ali
  • Mohabbat By Sajal Ali
  • Bisat E Khwab By Wajeeha Bukhari
  • Na Shukri By Zeba Hasan Makhdoom
  • Mein Hara Naseeb Se By Jiya Mughal
  • Qaza E Ishq By Zonisha Rao
  • Chahat By Anabiya Khan
  • Khula By Anabiya Khan
  • Chand Si Baho By Khak E Makkah
  • Tu Sakon E Rooh By Hoorain Khan
  • Shiddat e Ishq Novel By Mirha Shah

This is the forced marriage Urdu novels list that we have collected for our readers. You simply have to click the name of the that is mentioned in this forced marriage list.

And if there is any other novel that we are missing in this forced marriage Urdu novels list and you want us to provide you its PDF link then just write the name of that novel in the comment section below. We will add soon that novel in our this forced marriage Urdu novels list.

From time to time we will also keep on updating this forced marriage Urdu novels list by adding more new and amazing forced marriage novels that you would love to read.


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