Deedar E Ishqam Novel By Areej Shah Complete PDF Download

This article is going to be about Deedar E Ishqam novel where we have not only provided on pdf download link but also the basic plot of the story of this amazing novel written by Areej Shah.

Where Areej Shah is one of the emerging social media novelists and story writers of Pakistan who has the unique ability to write amazing and unpredictable love stories.

Areej Shah posts her novels episode-wise on her Facebook page but we are here to provide you the complete pdf links of your favorite novels written by your favorite novelists so that you do not have to deal with the episodes.

Deedar E Ishqam Novel

And to download this Deedar E Ishqam novel you have to follow the link we have provided below the article.

Deedar E Ishqam novel By Areej Shah Summary:

As we have discussed that Areej Shah is well known for writing unique Love stories and this Deedar E Ishqam novel is also one of the best Urdu Romantic Novels.

The first episode of Deedar E Ishqam novel was published in December 2019, where the last episode of this novel was published in February 2020.

And the total number of episodes of this novel is 28 where each episode is full of emotions and love at the same time and the thing that made this Deedar E Ishqam novel worth reading is its characters that I would like to share with you the list of some of the main characters of this novel.

Deedar E Ishqam novel By Areej Shah Characters:

So guys here is the list of some main characters of this Deedar E Ishqam novel beautifully represented by Areej Shah.

  • Arzoo
  • Tai Ammi Razia
  • Taamia
  • Taya Abbu
  • Aaon
  • Akbar
  • Haniya
  • Sameer
  • Zubaida
  • Usman


Arzoo is the main leading character as the whole story revolves around her. Her parents died just after her birth and she had to face many hardships in life. Where she also found her love in face of Aaon.

Razia, on the other hand, is Arzoo’s Tai Ammi who is very crucial to her and wanted her to marry Usman who was a drug addict. But Areej Shah twisted the story with such uniqueness that you could not resist praising her writing skills.

Deedar E Ishqam Novel Review:

Heading towards the review of this novel in short I just wanted to say that Deedar E Ishqam Novel is full of emotions where it teaches you that how hard is the life of children without their parents and how miserable parents have become after losing their children and also this novel shows the beautiful feeling of true love in your life.

You must read this novel on your own and to download this novel in pdf format you just need to click this link below:

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Deedar E IShqam Novel By Areej Shah Complete PDF Download

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