Borshay Novel By Sumaira Hameed Complete PDF Download

In this subsection of Sumaira Hameed we are going to discuss Borshay Novel by Sumaira Hameed that is just one click away you simply have to follow the links given below this article. Besides that, you can also download some other astonishing Urdu novels from our Best Urdu Novels List.

Sumaira Hameed is one of the senior writers of Pakistan who is recognized for writing elite fictional stories and this novel is also one of her best masterpieces that is available below the article.

borshay novel by sumaira hameed complete pdf download

Borshay Novel By Sumaira Hameed Review:

Borshay Novel by Sumaira Hameed is the biggest turnout in the world of Urdu fiction novels. The way she had composed the story in this novella (a short fictional story) it feels like you are reading an Urdu Disney life, the Borshay novel by Sumaira Hameed is simply an amazing fairy tale that you would love to read.

What is the Meaning Of Borshay In English/ Urdu?

Many readers are searching, what is the meaning of Borshay in Urdu and English? And its answer is that it does not has any meaning, Broshay is basically an instrument that a girl in this novella uses to play.


Borshay Novel By Sumaira Hameed Characters And Summary :

Borshay novel by Sumaira Hameed is a romantic fairy tale love story of two amazing characters that she has described briefly on the story

  • Mr. Oscar
  • Marya

The story of this Borshay novel by Sumaira Hameed novel spins around the girl Marya who used to allure the fireflies through her very own unique musical instrument that she used to call Borshay. 

Mr. Oscar on the other hand is our second leading character of this novella who fell in love with Marya as that Borshy also allured him along with the fireflies.

This Borshay Novel by Sumaira Hameed will be taking your heart away as it reminds you of those refreshing bedtime stories that would never grow old.  Once again she has been able to open some spectacular dialogues.

In short, this novella would be a great choice to relax your mind with an entertaining fictional love story in your spare time so I strongly recommend you to download this complete novel in pdf from the links given just below. And also do not forget to share your thoughts about the story in the comment section down below.

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Borshay Novel by Sumaira Hameed PDF Download

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