Best Farhat Ishtiaq Novels, Books And Dramas List

This article is about an amazing personality as we are going to talk about Farhat Ishtiaq Novels. But first, we will discuss Mis. Farhat Ishtiaq’s biography and writing career.

In this article, we have brought Farhat Ishtiaq Novels and Dramas list. She is Pakistan’s most known personality who made her name in the Urdu literature and drama industry.

farhat ishtiaq novels list

Farhat Ishtiaq Biography

Farhat Ishtiaq was born on June 23 in 1980 in the city of lights Karachi. Although she is known as one of the best writers, novelists and screenwriters. But along with that, she is also an Engineer.

She completed her degree from NED University Of Engineering And Technology, where NED stands forĀ Nadirshaw Edulji Dinshaw that is actually the name of its benefactor.

In her writing career, she has given this industry the best novels and drama serials. The most famous novels of her career are Humsafar, Mtah e Jaan Hai Tu, Dyar e Dill, and Bin Roye Aansu.

Farhat Ishtiaq has also been nominated for best writer in Lux awards for her amazing scripts of Udaari, Dyar e Dill and Rehaai.

Now moving towards the Farhat Ishtiaq novels list here is the list of best Farhat Ishtiaq novels list.

Best Farhat Ishtiaq Novels List And Books:

So guys here we have provided the best Farhat Ishtiaq novels and you can also download these novels from this Farhat Ishtiaq novels list by simply clicking on it.

  • Humsafar in 2008
  • Wo Aik Esa Shajr Hoo
  • Safr Kii Sham
  • Mtaah-e- Jaan Hai Tuu
  • Aap Apnay Dam Mai
  • Wo Joo Qarz Rakhtay Thay
  • Meray Humdam Meray Dost
  • Mosem e Gul
  • Bin Roye Aanso
  • Abhi Kuch Din Lagen Gay
  • Joo Bachay Hain Sang Smait Loo
  • KHushbo Badl Chand Hawa
  • Woh Yaqeen Kaa Naya Safr
  • Janoon Tha Kay Justajoo
  • Dill Say Niklay Hain Joo Lafz
  • Tum Hansti Achi Lagti Hoo
  • Kuch Pagl Pagl si

These are some of the best Farhat Ishtiaq novels, it would not be wrong if we say that the Humsafar novel added to the popularity of Farhat Ishtiaq that got so much fame and later it showed on TV as a drama in 2011.

Best Farhat Ishtiaq Dramas:

Here is the list of Farhat Ishtiaq novels that were later directed to the drama serials and here we are going to discuss some of them

  • Humsafar in 2011
  • Mtah e Jaan Hai Tuu in 2012
  • Rihaae in 2013
  • Meray Humdam Meray Dost in 2014
  • Diyar e Dill in 2015
  • Bin Roye Aanso in 2016
  • Udari in 2016
  • Yaqen Ka Safr in 2017
  • Jo Bachay Hain Sang Smait Lo in 2021

These are some superhits dramas written by Farhat Ishtiaq. She has also won the best writer award for her these dramas.

Farhat Ishtiaq Movies And Films:

Besides Farhat Ishtiaq novels she has also some blockbuster movies on her name that we have listed in the list below:

  • Bin Roye in 2015
  • Parwaaz Hai Junoon in 2018

So guys along with the Farhat Ishtiaq novels list we also provided you her best dramas list and her films. You can also download Farhat Ishtiaq novels from the list that we have provided above.

You just have to click on the name of the novel that is mention in the Farhat Ishtiaq novels list and follow the next page. And you can watch all her drama serials on Youtube.

And in the last tell us which are your favorite Farhat Ishtiaq novels and dramas down in the comment section.



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