Best Ashfaq Ahmed Books| Novels And Biography

Ashfaq Ahmed is the most famous Drama Writer and Novelist and broadcaster. He is known as a legend when you talk Urdu Literature in Pakistan.

In this Article as you clearly can see that we are going to talk about Ashfaq Ahmed. Ashfaq Ahmed’s fans and lovers also call him Baba G. As he introduced this term Baba G in a unique way.

Baby is a term used for the Sufi’s.  But Ashfaq Ahmed defined uniquely and so beautifully that you can not resist yourself to agree with him.

Ashfaq Ahmed said that Baba is the person who creates ease for the other, in Urdu (Baba Wo hai jo dousru kay liye Aasaniya peda karay).

He further said that Baba could be anyone. It may be a Child, a suited young man, or any other who just creates any sort of ease in the life of others for good purpose.

Ashfaq Ahmed Novels Books And Biography

Ashfaq Ahmed Biography:

He was born on 22 August 1925 in Hoshiarpur, a city in India, and died at the age of 79 on 7 September 2004.

After some time they transferred to Ferozpur. He also got his early education from Ferozpur. At the age of 18 in 1943 he passed his matriculation.

He completed his FA and passed his BA exams from Ram Sukh Das College Firozpur. While the establishment of Pakistan like other families his family also migrated to Pakistan and started to live in Lahore.

In Lahore, he decided to continue his studies and took admission in Govt. College Lahore in the department of Urdu. Where he happened to meet Bano Qudsia.

After completing his MA in Urdu he went abroad for further studies. From the Rome University of Italy, he received a diploma in Italian Language and a diploma in french language from Grenoble University France.

Ashfaq Ahmed Carrer:

He started his career by teaching in Government Dyal Singh College Lahore. After 2 years of service, he was appointed as a lecturer at Rome University of Italy.

In 1967 he was appointed as director of the Central Urdu Board. In 1953 he wrote a short story Gadria that becomes the basis of his fame and success.

Ashfaq Ahmed had also received Awards from the President of Pakistan. in 1979 he received the Pride Of Performance Award.

He also received Sitara E Imtiyaz from the president of Pakistan.

Ashfaq Ahmed Radio Plays:

In 1962 he started his first radio program named “Talkeen Shah” that got famous among people. This program was played for more than 30 years.

Then he also started another radio program named “Baithak” which means the guest room.

Ashfaq Ahmed Television Shows:

Ashfaq Ahmen had also hosted some TV shows on PTV(Pakistan Television) which are listed below

  1. Zavia
  2. Ek Muhabat Sau Afsaney
  3. Manchalay Ka Sauda
  4. Tota Kahani
  5. Hairat Kada

Ashfaq Ahmed Family:

Ashfaq Ahmed belonged to a rich Pashtun Family. His father was Dr. Muhammad Khan and he had a very strict nature. He was strict about his rules.

Bano Qudsia is the wife of Ashfaq Ahmed, they both met in Govt. University Lahore. they have three children.

Ashfaq Ahmed And Wife Bano Qudsia

While completing his studies at Government University Lahore he met Bano Qudsia and both had mutual understanding that led to their marriage

They had to go against their parents for marriage. Bano Qudsia also belonged to Ferozpur before migration.

Ashfaq Ahmed Children, Sons:

  • Aneeq Ahmed Khan, Aseer Ahmed Khan and Anees Ahmed Khan are the children(sons) of Ashfaq Ahmed and Bano Qudsia.

Ashfaq Ahmed Books| Novels In Pdf:

As we all know Ashfaq Ahmed is the legacy of Pakistan one of the great writers. He has written plenty of books and novels that are listed below:

  • Zavia (This book is pubblished in 3 parts Zavia 1, Zavia 2 and Zavia 3)
  • Safar Dar Safar
  • Nangay Paun
  • Sheher E Arzo
  • Changaiz Khan Kay Sunehray Shaheen
  • Ek Muhabat Sau Afsaney
  • Man Chalay Ka Sauda
  • Hairat Kada
  • Khail Tamasha
  • Khatiya Watiya
  • Subhanay Fasanay
  • Tahli Thalay
  • Gadariya
  • Tota Kahani
  • Aashianay
  • Ek Zakham Aur Sahi
  • Ek He Boli
  • Arz E Musanif
  • Asoodgi
  • Aur Dramay
  • Baba Sahba
  • Band Gali

The books listed above are some of the best books or novels of all time. Every book has life-changing messages.

Ashfaq Ahmed Quotes About Life| Aurat And Love In Urdu:

Ashfaq Ahmed is one of the top writers of Pakistan. He is still praised among people because of his ideal views of life. Some of his Quotes and lines are listed below.

“Apni har talab Allah say mango aur Qabuliat ka mukamal yakeen rakho”

“Aksr logu mai takabur hota hai lekin unn ka naffsunhen pta nahi chalny deta”

“Mai janta hun mai kuch tou hun, kyu kay mera Rab koi cheez bekaar nahi bnata”

“Jab suraj gharob honay lagta hai tou chotay aadmiu kay saye bhi baray ho jatay hain”

“Har cheez ka sadka hota hai, aur akl ka sadka ye hai kay jahil ki baat ko bardasht kro”

“Jab insaan andr say mar jata hai tou wo had say zyada khush ihlak ho jata hai”

“Aurat Arif dunya hai, agr mard arif molana hai tou aurat ki gulami say nahi bach sakta”

Muhabbat dillu par wo kam krti hai ho sabun jism par aur aansu ruh par kartay hain

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