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In this article, we have discussed Areej Shah and her best novels of all time that are easily available to download in pdf from the list below.

So, before we talk about Areej Shah Novels, first let us talk about Areej Talib Shah who is known as Areej Shah and she is one of the best and young novelists of Pakistan.

She was born on 12 December in 1999 in MirPur city of Azad Kashmir.


Her mother also wanted to be a writer but now her daughter Areej is fulfilling her dream of writing. Areej Shah also used to write personal diaries from childhood.

Areej Shah Biography:

Areej is a very down-to-earth personality and has a lite nature; she does not have any anger issues and has a calm personality.

There are more than 20 Areej Shah novels on her Facebook page. She writes and posts her novels on social media platforms mostly on Facebook.

The motive of Areej Shah novels is to spread love and learn to stay happy in any situation. Ahmed Faraz, Mosin Naqwi, and Wasi Shah are her favorite poets.

Areej Shah novels Writing Career:

Areej Shah Novels are posted on social media platforms instead of any digest plate farm. She has a huge fan following on her Facebook page where she uses to write and post her novels.

Areej Shah is the youngest in her family. She has a sister and a brother in her family; they all live together.,

Areej Shah Novels List:

Areej Shah is one of the youngest novelists she has magic in her writings. Areej Shah Novels are mostly read and loved by the young generation of Areej Shah novels are listed below:

  1. Bheegi Palkun Par Naam Tumhara Hai
  2. The Beast
  3. Tum Zeest Ka Hasil ho
  4. Ek Lafz Ishq
  5. Ek Lafz Ishq Season 2
  6. Ishq
  7. Ishq E Haqiqi
  8. Hi
  9. Inteha E Ishq
  10. Chahunga Main Tujhe Hardam Tu Meri Zindagi
  11. Deedar E Ishqam
  12. Bandhan Mohabbat Ka
  13. Ek Tera Dill Pighalta Nahi Hai
  14. Soulmate
  15. Mirha
  16. rooh e yaram
  17. Tu Puch Na Haal Fakiran da
  18. Tum Ko Mana Manzil Aur Dil Musafir Ho Gya
  19. Chahu Ga Mein Tumhe Hardam Tu Meri Zindagi
  20. Mein Ashiq Dewana Tera
  21. Gum Hain Kisi K Pyar Mein
  22. Meri Tanhai Meri Jaan Pay Bani Hai Saiyan
  23. Mohabbat Bhi Ik Sitam Hai Jaana
  24. Mera Sitam-gar
  25. Shiddat E Ishq

Every novel written by Areej Shah is loved by her readers. They all love her unique writing style at this very young age.

Even at this young age, Areej Shah novels are compatible with the greatest known authors and writers, and novelists. Every reader praised her maturity of mind and love her writing style.

So now I want to share with you guys some of the best Areej Shah Novels that you must read, and you would also love reading these Areej Shah Novels. So here are some of the best Areej Shah novels.

1. Bheegi Palkoon Par Naam Tumhara Hai From Areej Shah

Bheegi palkoon par naam tumhara hai novel is a unique and an interesting story. The story starts as there is a Shah family somewhere in a village who was also the Sarpanch of the Village.

Then there is the Malik family. Both Shah and Malik’s families have some grudges between them. For decades they keep on murdering the members of one another families.

A tragic love story you will get to find in the story there was a man who had three sons and one of them fell in love with a village girl…

To know the complete story of this amazing one of the Areej Shah novels you have to follow the link we have provided below to download this novel in pdf so that you can read on your own and enjoy reading this novel.

Bheegi palkoon par naam tumhara hai novel pdf download

2. Rooh E Yaram From Areej Shah Novels:

Rooh E Yaram novel also points out the evil of our society of smuggling innocent girls for the sake of money and lust.

As the story revolves around Rooh and Yaram. Rooh was raised by her stepmother and she sells her to one of the Sheikh of Dubai by consoling her to a false marriage.

But at Dubai Airport mistakenly she happens to reach Yaram and started considering him the husband. From where their love story begins.

Yaram on the other hand was a don of the biggest mafia in Dubai. He also had a tragic past you found out by reading the novel given below. You can also download the complete novel by clicking the link given below.

Rooh E Yaram Novel Complete pdf Download

3. Shiddat e Ishq From Areej Shah Novels

Shiddat e Ishq novel is a romantic love story of two souls Wajdan and Lamz who are madly in love with one another.

Lamz is an innocent girl and also the cousin of Wajdan. She was very young when her parents were killed by Malik for the sake of some property.

He used to be the friend of Lamz’s father and was also a politician and by then she started living with the parents of Wajdan.

Sadaf and Ahmed Shah treat their niece Lamz like their own daughter. Waniya was their daughter and the sister of Wajdan.

To Know the rest of the amazing story you must download this novel from the link below so that you can enjoy the whole novel on your own

Shiddat e Ishq Novel Complete pdf Download

So these are some of the most read Areej Shah Novels. You can also find some other amazing and best Urdu Romantic novels that are available in the Areej Shah Novels list Facebook visiting our site.

We have provided a large number of best Urdu novels along with the Areej Shah Novels.


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