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Today I am going to share with you the amazing story of my one of the most favorite novel that is Amar bail novel was written by a famous Urdu female novelist “Umera Ahmed“.Umera Ahmed is very famous among Urdu writers.

I have already read many of her books. This book is also one of my favorites. This book describes the insecurities of broken bureaucratic families. Amar bail novel, on the one hand, highlights the corruption in Pakistan, and on the other hand, this book shows love by touching our hearts with its spectacular words.

Amar Bail Novel

Amar Bail Novel Total Pages

Amar Bail novel is from the earliest novels of Umera Ahmed. This novel is 760 pages long that was published in Shua digest episode-wise in 2000 and it took it three years to complete. You can download the complete Amar bail novel in pdf form from the link below

Amar Bail Novel Price

The price of Amar Bail novel is about 600 rupees but we have provided you the complete novel free of any cost that you can easily download and read online as well by following the links below.

Amar Bail Novel By Umera Ahmed Story, Summary And Review

The main characters of this book are Umer Jahangir and Aleezay sikandar.1st of all I’m going to talk about Umer Jahangir who is the son of a corrupt bureaucrat. His parents have taken it separately from each other.

Umer’s father wants to get benefits from Umer by making him also a corrupt bureaucrat. Although Umer makes a negative picture of his father in his mind due to his father’s talks.

Now we move towards the other character of this Amar Bail novel “Aleezay Sikandar“. Aleezay’s parents have also taken separation and she lives with her grandparents. She has all the facilities of life but she wants to get the attention and the love of her parents and she misses them.

Umar Bail Novel Summary

Umera Ahmed wrote this Amar Bail novel in a way that a reader goes very deep in its words while reading. Aleezay’s jealousy with Umer even though all these Umer’s friendship with Aleezay and his care for Aleezay to come out of all the fears and make her a confident girl.

For Umer, Jahangir Aleezay Sikandar is a girl who talks never mind him in any way. He never got angry with her even he wants to angry with her but he can’t. Then after all these Aleezay started loving Umer.

When her grandparents talk about her marriage she tells them that she wants to marry Umer. But Umer Jahangir refuses her proposal by saying that Aleezay is his friend, not anything else.

This talk broke Aleezay’s heart and she started hating him. This book is written in a way that sometimes we see in the past the story of Aleezay and Umer and sometimes we see the present life.

One day Aleezay was driving from her friend’s home when some boys start chasing her. She then rushes home after competing with them where Umer and her cousin Abbas along with the police caught those boys and killed them because they had put a hand on their respect.

Amar Bail novel also teaches us that sometimes we have to go beyond the law to punish bastards. After this event, Aleezay got angrier with Umer because instead of giving  FIR on them he killed them.

But Umer was right in his way because those boys belong to rich families so there was no benefit of giving FIR on them. After these, there is an entry of Junaid who is Umer’s very close friend.

And Umer convinced him to marry Aleezay. Here a question arises that why Umer does not marry Aleezay after so much care about her???. The answer is although Umer loved Aleezay very much he did not want to push her into trouble and sorrow by marrying her.

Because Umer is also a part of a corrupt bureaucrat and he knows that after marriage Aleezay will not bear all these things. Umer Jahangir didn’t want to see Aleezay in any pain.

So Aleezay got engaged with Junaid who loved him very much, Aleezay also succeeded in forgetting Umer. Then the end of the story makes us cry because the person who sacrifices his love dies in a firing from unknowns.

The shocking point of the Amar Bail novel pushes us into deep sorrow. But the truth is that after all happenings Aleezay never forgets him totally. She never hated him with her heart.

Amar Bail Novel Review

Yesterday I finished reading this wonderful novel written by Umera Ahmed. This novel touches my heart very deeply. Amar Bail novel made me cry by its sad ending.

I feel sad for Umer because he has to sacrifice his love due to his sometimes you have to make compromises with the circumstances. You have no control over them which is very sad.

Amar Bail Novel Quotes

There are some famous Quotes of this novel given below:

Duniya me koi na koi esa hota hai jis ki koi baat ap ko kbhi buri ni lagti jis pr kbhi ap ko gussa ni aata .Jis se ap kbhi naraz ni hotay. Naraz hona chaahe phir b naahi ho skty. Mere liye woh koi na koi tum ho“.

Woh us ky chehry pay nazar daalay bgahir b uski sari keefiyat se baa khabartha“.

I also suggest you read this interesting novel which has loving as well as sadful events. To download this complete Amar Bail novel just click this link below and save it on your device:

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