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In Aks novel, Umera Ahmed covered a topic that no other writer or novelist had talked about. It has a whole different genre, was published in 2012.

Aks Novel By Umera Ahmed

Aks Novel By Umera Ahmed:

In this novel, she talked about one of the worst evil in our society which is child molestation, it’s full of tragedies and life lessons.

This is what Umera Ahmed is known for, she writes on the topics that are related to our society. She has the guts to reveal the evil of society.

Aks Novel Price by Umera Ahmed:

The price of the novel in the market is about 500 rupees but you can download it for free from here from the link below.

you can also read the complete Aks novel online for free, the link is given below. This book has about 580 pages and it has 17 episodes.

Aks Novel Characters By Umera Ahmed:

Aks Novel by Umera Ahmed has very interesting characters, here is the list of the characters of the novel:

  • Chiriya
  • Fatima
  • Aebik Sherdil
  • Barbie Doll
  • KhairUddin
  • Shahbaz Hassan
  • Shermeen
  • Sheherbano
  • Misaal
  • Tagrul
  • Aks Muraad Ali

Aks Murad Ali, Sheherbano, and Abeki Sherdil are the main leads of the story. Aks Murad Ali was a 9 years old girl who used to live with her grandfather

And tragically she became the victim of child abuse. In the novel, you will get to know how she had survived and overcome this with courage.

Aks Novel By Umera Ahmed Summary Review:

In Aks Novel Umera Ahmed raised one of the worst social evils of our society, this novel is basically about the evil of child molestation.

So the story of the novel is, there is DC (Deputy Commissioner) house somewhere and there is a myth about the house that whoever couple came live in the house they end up fighting with each other.

In the story of Aks novel, Umera Ahmed has also mentioned the dwarfs (bonay). She mentions a mirror having its own story.

So back to the story, once there was a DC who abused 9 years old girl.

She used to live with her grandfather in his house and that DC threw them out of the house and made their life hell.

Over time that girl grew up facing all the hardships but with a strong will, she worked hard to mark her name in the society

She becomes a DC with her hard work and strong will and then once again she came to that DC house where she used to live as a child.

This Aks novel is full of suspense and tragedies and this book will give you many inspirational life lessons. You must read this novel

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Aks Novel Quotes By Umera Ahmed

This Aks novel is based on one of the evils of our society. This novel will give you many inspirational quotes about how to fight, how to overcome situations.

A few of the quotes of Aks novel are given below:

Allah par tawakal bari shay hai aur uss kay pass khoob say khob tar hota hai, Jo hume kamil lagta hai Allah kay pass uss say bhi umda shay hoti hai.”

“Zindagi ka har imtihan insaan zahanat aur mehnat say pass nahi kar sakta, baaz imtihaanu mai kismat kay ilawa aur koi cheez darkaar nahi hoti.”

“Zindagi mai har insaan say har faisla sahi nahi ho sakta, baaz faislay insaan gussay aur jald bazi mai krta hai aur baaz jazbaat mai majbor ho kar

Aur kahin na kahin akl o hosh kuch dair kay liye insaan ka sath zarur chor detay hain

kabhi na kabhi hmakat akl par qabza zarur kar leti hai, chahay wo chand lamhu kay liye he kyu na ho”

“Zindagi nay ussay sikhaya tha kay zaahri badsurti khoof khanay wali shay nahi, Ye insaan kay andr ki badsurti hai jis say khoof khana chahiye.”

Aks Novel Quotes

Achay insaanu ki tou fehrist bnai ja sakti hai, buray insaanu ki nahi wo beshumar miltay hain aur har jagah hotay hain

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