Ain Ul Hayat Novel By Mirha Noor Complete Episode 1

Mirha Noor is the author of this amazing and spectacular Ain Ul Hayat Novel whose first episode is getting so much fame in a very short period of time. We have also brought this very first episode of Ain Ul Hayat novel for our readers. You can also download more related Famous Urdu Novels

Mirha Noor is an emerging and young writer of Pakistan who is getting so much love and support from the readers who are fond of reading Urdu Novels and stories on the daily basis. She has composed many masterpieces and this Ain Ul Hayat novel Is also one of these masterpieces that you would love to read.

The first episode of this Ain Ul Hayat novel that is written by Mirha Noor is given in the PDF format down below the article that you can easily download and read. But before that let us get through the overview of the story of this novel.

Ain Ul Hayat Novel By Mirha Noor

Ain Ul Hayat Novel By Mirha Noor Episode 1 Summary Review:

Before starting the first episode of Ain Ul Hayat Novel, Mirha Noor mentioned the main theme of the story from where we can say that the story of this novel is about relations with Kith and Kin (relatives).

She further narrates that, “No matter to which relation a person is bind by, he would maintain that relation until he is getting any benefit from that relation”. Which is though the reality of our today’s society.

Moving forward towards the story here I have listed the characters of Ain Ul Hayat Novel where each character is playing a significant role that will inspire you.

  •  Hayat
  • Jaweriya
  •  Ishaal
  • Umer
  •  Adnan
  • Asiya begham
  •  Maham
  • Aliya
  • Ayesha

Hayat is the protagonist of the this novel. You would enjoy and love this character that will also inspire you as the story proceeds in the novel. To know the complete story you must start reading this novel by downloading its first episode from the link we have provided below.

And also do not forget to tell us what you think of this storyline written by Mirha Noor in the comment section as we eagerly waits for your reviews so do not forget to share one.

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Ain Ul Hayat Novel By Mirha Noor Complete Episode 1

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