Ahmaq Tamashai Novel By Nimra Ahmed Complete Pdf Download

Ahmaq Tamashai Novel is a short story from the book I bless written by one of the best story writers and novelists Nimra Ahmed. Iblees novel has four stories and Ahmaq Tamashai Novel is one of them.

That you can freely download from the link we have provided below and also you can read the complete story online, the link is given below.

Ahmaq Tamashai Novel

Nimra Ahmed has ruled over the hearts of the readers. She has written plenty of novels and each writing of her is unique in its own way.

She has written novels of almost every category whether you like romantic novels, love story novels, or lesson-based novels, she has left her mark in each category.

Ahmaq Tamashai Novel By Nimra Ahmed Summary Review

As the name of the story is already representing the theme of the novel but the story is really interesting to read. Ahmaq means “Idiot” where Tamashai means a “bystander“.

This is also the story of a bystander who used to stand on the sundeck of his home and there he saw two kids who use to talk with each other in a very intense way.

Almost every night he saw those kids talking and planing about running away from the home because of the behavior of their parents. He kept on seeing this scenario for days and had pity on them.

Here came the twist in the story that on seeing carefully he realized that these kids were actually playing with their toys and he came to know that how he got fooled by her quick judgments.

There is one thing to admire about Nimra Ahmed that she has such an ability to flip the whole story in a single moment with all the logic. And that is the reason she is known as one of the best writers of Pakistan.

Her novels and writings are fit for people of almost every age. She inspires everyone with her skills in writing the best novels and stories.

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Ahmaq Tamashai Novel By Nimra Ahmed Pdf Download

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