Aag Ka Darya Novel By Qurratulain Hyder Complete PDF Download

In this article are going to talk about Aag Ka Darya Novel that is known as one of the best Urdu novels of the sub-continent India written by Qurratulain Hyder, one of the great writers of history.

Talking about Qurratulain Hyder. Initially, her name was Nelo-Far then later her uncle named her Qurratulain Hyder. Aine and Lala Rukh are her nicknames.

She was born on 20 January 1927 in Aligarh and died in 2007 at the age of 80 in Noida a city of India. Her family migrated to Pakistan in 1947 but 14 years later she decided to settle in India and went back.

aag ka darya novel complete download

Aag Ka Darya Novel By Qurratulain Hyder Summary:

The Aag Ka Darya novel was published in 1959 that consists of 642 pages. Later in 1998, this novel was translated into the English language. The title of this novel is a part of the poetic verse of Jigar Murad Abadi “Ishq nahi asaan bas itna samjh lijiye ek aagh ka darya hai aur doob k Jana hai”.

This novel starts from T.S Eliot’s famous poem “The wasteland”. Qurat ul ain (Annie) translated this novel from the name of “The River of fire”.

But before moving forward here I would like to share some of the main characters of this Aag Ka Darya novel:

  • Goutam
  • Hari Shankar
  • Champa
  • Kamaal
  • Sakeena Bibi
  •  Talat
  • Petter
  • Raam Deen
  • Syed Amir Raza
  • Parmood Dada
  • Roshan Aara
  • Naseem Bano
  • Sajida Aapa
  • Ajit

According to Sham ul Rehman Aag Ka Darya novel consists of 30% poetry and 70% detail. The main focus of this novel is on “Time”. This Aag Ka Darya novel starts from the old Hindustan and leads to the new Hindustan.

This Aag Ka Darya novel is also focused on the Hindustani civilization and its history. There are many others contents described in this novel which include partition between India and Pakistan, British ruthlessness, religion, soul and traditions of that time.

Qurat ul ain presented this Aag Ka Darya novel in a very unique way. The writer used a unique technique in this novel what she does is she uses recurring characters whom we meet at the beginning of the Novel which is prehistoric India and then characters who were in the 1940s.

There are four recurring characters for example Gotham Neelambar who Is a Hindu at the beginning of the novel as well as in the end and he retains his name then a few other characters Muslim and others retains their name Champa is one of the female characters who retains her name so that’s the technique she uses .

Aag Ka Darya Novel By Qurratulain Hyder Review:

When we enter the Aag Ka Darya novel, we are in the life of Gautam who is a student of Brahmanism right he is studying Hindu scriptures so we are in probably 200 to 300 more than that I think 500 BC

And then we follow his life throughout his life until the tumultuous times and then there is a huge jump and we are into what would become the Muslim

India in terms of the northern invasions of India and the establishment of Muslim kingdoms and that time then from there the fourth phase is where we enter the colonial time in India is under British colonialism.

And finally, a long part of the is Aag Ka Darya novel, the last major part of the novel deals with issues of politicians. To know the rest of the story you have to read the read this Aag Ka Darya novel by yourself from the links given below.

Aag Ka Darya Novel Complete PDF Download

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