Aab E Hayat Novel by Umera Ahmed Pdf Download

Aab E Hayat Novel is a turn-over of Peer E Kamil Novel both are written by Umera Ahmed that were published in 2017.

This Novel one of the most awaited Urdu novel of Umera Ahmed and also one of the most readable novels in Pakistan

This book is about 728 pages and its price in the market is about 600 rupees in Pakistan but you can download this novel free in pdf from the link given below.

Aab E Hayat Novel by Umera Ahmed

Aab E Hayat Novel Characters List:

As this novel is part 2 of Peer E Kamil Novel bu Umera Ahmed so it has similar characters and some new characters which are listed below:

  • Salar Sikandar
  • Imama Salar (Imama Hashim)
  • Anaya Salar
  • Jibreel Salar
  • Hameen Salar
  • Ahasan Saad
  • Abdul Allah Aerak
  • Rayeesa
  • Hasham
  • Aysha Abideen

Anaya Salar, Jibreel Salar, and Hameen Salar are the children of Salar and Imama, and on the other hand, Rayeesa is an adopted child of them.

We have already described the story of salar Sikandar and Imama Hashim in the article about Peer E Kamil Novel. This novel is the story of after marriage life of Salar and Imama.

Aab E Hayat Novel Summary Review:

Aab E Hayat Novel is the 2nd part of Peer E Kamil novel by Umera Ahmed. The story of the book starts after the marriage of Salar Sikandar and Imama Salar.

Interestingly in this Part 2, Umera Ahmed just reversed the role of Imama Salar is not a so good way. Her behavior was changed. But then with the continuation of the storyline things got clear

This novel continues with the characters of the children of Salar and Imama. Anaya, Jibreel, and Hanaan are the children of them and Rayeesa is their adopted child.

One of the main topics of the novel is that Umera Ahmed beautifully covered the topic of the Interest system of the bank such that she made you think about what you doing is right or wrong.

She represents the power of Imaan of a Muslim that how someone can achieve everything by just believing in himself and by having faith in ALLAH. This novel also inspires you to lead a successful marriage life.

Aab E Hayat Novel Quotes:

This Novel is the sequel of Peer E Kamil full of many inspirational lines and quotes which will be made you reconsider the purpose of life some of them are listed below.

”Apnay aap par aanay waali musebaten tou bardasht kar leta hai insaan lekin biwi bachu ko ponchnay wali takleef bardasht nahi hoti”

”Zindagi kya shay hai, kesay hath say nikal jati hai. Waqt kya shay hai, rukta hai tou ruk he jata hai, chalta hai tou pehiyun par.”

”Suud ka samr insaan ki zindagi badal sakta hai magar tabahi mai, behtari mai nahi”

Aab E Hayat Quote

”Baaz dafa Jab Allah koi cheez mou par maar kar tanbeeh karna chahta hai tou phir har jaga wohi baat bar bar baz ghast ki tarah wapis aati rehti hai”

Aab E Hayat Novel Complete Pdf Download in Urdu:

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